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Proud Mama Alert!!!!

You guys!!!!!! I literally screamed when i saw this! Not only is my favorite BigBang song #1 , even better!!!!! My main squad A1 since day one Killer Whale , Underwater Squad , Cohort , Aka Mr.CanSomeOneBraidMyHair ....Keith Ape and the squad are #5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo proud of them it's not even funny I got into khiphop way before Kpop because rap is probably my favorite genre and these dudes are seriously some insanely talented rapper!!! And I just can't believe Keith's amazing song is number 5!!!! And I'm already extremely proud because the top 5 consists of BigBang(1) ,Taeyeons beautiful voice is #2, our lovely Bangtan boys are number 3 , Zion t.!!! And crush are 4 and Keith is number 5!!!!! I am 100% happy about this one!