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Considering darkening your hair without the hassle of dyeing it? Well, today just happens to be your lucky day. If you weren't aware, coffee has the ability to darken the color of ones hair minus all the nasty chemicals. Talk about awesome hair dyeing hack. If you want in on this beauty secret, keep scrolling and let the wonders of coffee work its magic.

Would you give this hair dyeing hack a try?

It's great that it's all natural and all, but sounds pretty time consuming, and what if you want to do the top of your head? I kept envisioning many messy scenes! :-D
It would probably take a little bit of your time. this is something you would probably want to set aside time on the weekend to do when you're not busy & a little mess will probably ensue :) @JamiMilsap
Always looking for natural ways to dye my hair.I can't wait to try this
Yesss! I hope it works for you. Tell me how it turns out @MooshieBay