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I feel like this is how it would go down if you went to a ice cream shop with bts. Rap Monster : buys the ice cream and eats three bites. " K.." Jin : Buys you the ice cream what ever flavor you want and enjoys it with you. " Do you like it" Suga : Has a fight on whose gonna buy it and ends up losing. So he doesn't eat it at all. " hope you enjoyed it Pfft" Jimin : Spilts the money and chooses what flavor he wants to eat but still shares it with you. " It's my favorite, hoped you liked it. .." J-Hope : Buys the ice cream and stares at you akwardly while toe eating it. "I'm your Hope" Jungkook : Buys the ice cream and forgets the left over money the cashier was giving him.Then gets the ice cream for both of you. "did I forget something ? I'm the golden maknae anyways" V : Makes you buy the ice cream and eats most of it. " Do I act too much of a kid?" K guys I hope you liked it dont be afraid to comment on ideas. Also please don't hate this was my first time I did this. thanks