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I got tagged by @LexTay327 & @VKookie47 to participate in this challenge. At first I found this hard because I have so many biases male and female that I wanted on the list, but then I decided to just do 15 each. (Cheating I know, but hey; this is my list I can do what I want.) So these are the guys who have dominated my heart and soul this year.


SHINee; April 8, 1990;
There should be no surprise that this man right here is my number one seeing as though he is the UB. Jonghyun holds a very special place in my heart and I find his voice very soothing and beautiful. I also find his personality to be amazing overall. He is definitely the kind of person that I want in my corner always, be it friend or lover. He will always be number one in my heart even if I don't speak of him as such. I just have so much to say and so many feeling for Jonghyun I wouldn't know where to start or where to end it, so just take my word for it.


iKON; December 21, 1995;
Once again, at least for those who know me, there should be no surprise that this man, YAK MASTER SUPREME B.K.A YAK DADDY, is number two on the list. Honestly, for most of this year I despised this man. Choosing to base my opinion of him because of the way he dressed and I used to think he was majorly appropriating black culture. And I hated the fact that he sagged his pants. And then that mix-up when iKON's first half of the debut album came out and people said him and B.I were dissing idol rappers (such as Ravi, Rap Monster & Suga). But then Hannah (my #YAKPAK mistress) got me to listen to his songs from Show Me The Money 3 and sent me clips of him being a complete dork and mama's boy and I was sold. After seeing him crying because he missed his mother, it was so easy for me to fall in love with him. And I fell so deep and so fast that he rose to the top of my bias list so quickly that instead of being #2, he should be considered UB #1.5 but I refuse to have more than one UB so let me live in denial. LOL. But moving on, I have feelings. Big, messy, annoying feelings. And they all involve Bobby. So don't let me overhear or read any hate about him because I am bound to snap off on you okay? c: Also, I feel like y'all should know that while Bobby spends his time charming the pants off y'all during the day and sometimes night. But he comes home to Queen Yak Mami. Yep, that's right. He sleeps with me, okay. So have your fun while you can, because he'll always be mine in the end.

3. 김유겸 (KIM YUGYEOM)

GOT7; November 17, 1997;
Another no brainer, along with his number sharer who shall remain nameless for now, is Yugyeom. Or, as I like to call him, Yak Daddy Jr a.k.a Thigh Master b.k.a Fuckboy #1. He's handsome as hell, tall as fuck, and has the nicest thinnest legs with the most perfectly toned thighs. I mean have you seen him in tight pants? I would kill for his thighs. And on top of that, this buddy here is a triple threat: singing, rapping and dancing. He is just so amazing and lovable. And he can be a complete dork as well, when he's not being a fuckboy and listening to Chris Brown of course, but I love him anyway. As long as he always talks formal to me, I'd have to wack him in the nose if he didn't. Also. Yugyeom is mine. I can share all my other biases. However, Yugyeom is not one of them. The only person I willingly share him with is @XergaB20. So if you stan him or bias him then do not tell me cause I will hiss and scratch at you while chanting "MINE" like the pelicans from Nemo. Seriously, ask anybody in the #YAKPAK. There's a reason I call him Yak Daddy Jr. That's prime hubby material right there. And why would you want a fuckboy anyway? So yeah, just leave him to me. Where he belongs. Mhmm. xD


BTS; March 9, 1993;
Tying at number 3 with Yugyeom, we have the man after my own heart, Yoongi. If I didn't know any better I would think he was my twin. But thank God he isn't cause then that would mean I supported incest and I really don't. Moving on, Suga and I have the same values in life. Our passion for sleep and not giving a shit. I am much like this man and that's why I love him so. But we don't just share our passion for laziness, we also share our passion for music as well. Where Yoongi is passionate about his rapping and producing, I am passionate about my singing and songwriting. We both tend to hold off on projects because they don't seem perfect to us. *Side eyes Yoongi because when are you gonna drop that damn mixtape bruh?* But nonetheless we both wish to see people enjoy our music and it makes us very happy when they do. I'm also jealous of his legs. Like so smooth and milky white, bruh let me get at them legs. I bet you his legs are naturally hairless like mine. We are truly blessed in that department. Let me stop here before I end up writing a novel about every body part I love of Min Yoongi's. (FYI, his eyes are my favorite feature followed by his hair.)


Current: Solo; Former: EXO; May 2, 1993;
Tao, Tao, Tao, Tao, Tao. What can I say about Tao? What is a Gucci Panda by any other name? The world may never know. But what y'all should know is that Tao is very special to me. In ways that even I cannot understand. He has more privileges than my UB, even UB #1.5 but he's not supposed to exist so #bye, yet he is not on my ultimate list. (Lowkey Tao is probably UB #2 but I am very stubborn, so the denial is strong with this one.) When I first heard this guy, much like with Bobby, I didn't like him. Mostly because he seemed like an arrogant asshole. But as I watched more videos and looked further into the debut of EXO, I discovered that Tao was actually not how I saw him at all. He was more of frightened cat in lion's clothing. His talents are amazing, from his rapping to his singing. I'd even go as far to say his that dancing is on point as well. And let's not forget his Wushu skills: OFF THE CHART. When he was injured I worried a lot about him. I think my love for him increased ten-fold after he left EXO. I mean I adored the manchild before. Like seriously, I more than adored him. But when he left EXO he received so much hate that I thought he might even consider retiring but he pushed through and became an even better artist than before and I adore him for that. Especially knowing the fact that he faced almost as much hate when he was in EXO. So, like with Bobby, haters shut your mouth around me cause I won't just stop at snapping off. I'll flying Chunji kick you in the face as well. My TaoTao deserves better than to be trash talked by the likes of someone who can't even call themselves an idol so like yeah, try Tao around me if you want. But be prepared to walk away with your teeth missing. ;3


BTS; September 1, 1997;
Here we have Jungkook, the last BTS member you will see on this list. Though I bias them all, cause how can you just pick one? But this dork was my very first BTS bias. With his Golden Maknae title and his serious talent, he knocked me out. And his charm only helped him keep me 6 feet under. From the way he moves to the sound of his voice to his intelligence, this guy has captivated me and he will always hold a special place in my heart. He's handsome and his simplistic fashion choices are on par with mine. Like he just belongs on this list okay.


SEVENTEEN; November 22, 1996;
This talented little shit. I love him so much. He has so much passion and love for what he does. Man, I am so jealous of how much talent is jam packed in his little body. Like you have no idea. He's like a violent little baby alpaca. All cute but ready to bite your face off if you yakk with him or make him do aegyo (though he'll probably just do the aegyo then cringe). I just hope that he doesn't over work himself and that he gets rest cause some people *coughcough*Jihoon*coughcough* like to work 24/7 and are yakking perfectionaist who don't know when to calm down and take a break. Anywho, I wanna fight Woozi because of these reasons. If I ever meet him I'm gonna challenge him to a duel and squish him like the smol bug he is. <3

8. 최한솔 (Choi Hansol) A.K.A VERNON

SEVENTEEN; February 18, 1998;
This is my son and I am extremely protective of him. I am very picky about how I allow others to bias him. Like seriously, ask @XergaB20, we had an all out argument (in the name of love) that @AimeeH & @MorganElisabeth ended up joining. But I accepted her into our family and we all live happily ever after now. Moving on, my son is extremely talented in rap. Show Me The Money 4 doesn't exist in my mind okay. It was edited badly and made him look like a shitty rapper overall but true fans know better. In the words of Hansol Vernon Choi "headline, headlines. f*** it man." Anywho like I was saying my son is extremely talented in rap and he dances amazing too. I haven't heard his singing, at least seriously, but he can probably do that too (but I won't hold my breath cause yeah). He's such a dork and he has a habit of spacing out which he obviously get from me, his mother. And for someone who was born in America and that speaks English fluently, his skills definitely need some work. Like Hansol, sweetie... PLEASE. You're just as bad as your soulmate Seungkwan sometimes. STOP IT. xD

9. 임재범 (IM JAEBUM) A.K.A JB

GOT7; January 6, 1994;
This seductive asshole is my third boyfriend twice removed, I love him so much. We are similar in the way that we've both had to overcome our anger management issues and honestly i think we're better for it. We're both naturally flirty little shits. On top of that Bummie has an amazing voice, an even more amazing body, and he's an all around dork as well as a great leader. I'm really glad that the rest of GOT7 has someone like him to keep them in order, and I hope that they have many years together to come. x3

10. 김한빈 (KIM HANBIN) A.K.A B.I

iKON; October 22, 1996;
Hanbin, man.. This guy. He is so lovable and easy to fall for. Just like Bobby I disliked him, but after I got to see him in action I feel for him quickly. Like really, what is there to hate about B.I? He's just a guy under a lot of pressure from his company who wants to have fun. LET HIM LIVE. LOL. No but seriously. I have much love and appreciation for this guy and his skills as well. He's got so much talent and i want to see him go places.


UP10TION; November 6, 1996;
This is my precious Sunyoul. He quickly became my favorite when UP10TION debuted because of his similar features to Jungkook, but when I saw the dance practice to 'So Dangerous' and I heard him singing live along with the words I was blown away. AND THEN HE HIT THE HIGH NOTE AND I SCREECHED SO LOUD AND PROCEEDED TO FLIP OUT. Man, you have no idea how much I'm a slut for fantastic vocals but you're gonna learn today. LMAO, jk. You can learn that any day. But yeah, he is amazing. And have you seen his abs? Top quality. Much appreciated. GO SUNYOUL!


GOT7; September 17, 1996;
This is my Sunshine a.k.a My Happiness, Youngjae. He the last GOT7 member you'll see on this list (I stan them all though) and he is truly a dream come true. His vocals are off the charts and he's such a sweetheart. I bet he was voted Least Likely To Be A Fuckboy in High School. I'm so glad GOT7 has him on their team because they needed an angel to raise them all from the pits of fuckboy hell, cause that's exactly what they all would have been if Youngjae hadn't been added to the roster. Anywho, Youngjae is amazing and I love him to death and so should you!


Current: Solo; Former: 2PM; April 25, 1987;
Speak of a fuckboy and a fuckboy shall appear. Here we have my bae, Jay Park. He is too much. From his rapping to his singing to his dancing. Bruh needs to stop with all that. And them damn body rolls!!! Jay please, you're such a tease and you know it. One day your hips gonna give out, them how will you seduce your fans? Your voice may be seductive, but how are you gonna put me to bed from a wheelchair? Have some chill.

14. 우지호 (WOO JIHO) A.K.A ZICO

Block B; Solo; September 14, 1992;
To be honest, I don't know how Zico made it here. I don't know why I love him so much. I mean I know his rap skills are amazing but like damn Zico. I really don't know how you got me biasing you this hard. Maybe it's because you're handsome and have a nice voice? Maybe it's because you remind me of the guys from the hood I used to live in but like a better, more mature version? I really don't know, but keep doing what you do and slay me.


UP10TION; August 24, 1996;
Make no mistake, his stage is spelled BIT-TO because he's so adorable he'll make you cry. Anyway, I'd have to say I bias Bitto in a completely weird way. Like I don't know why I bias him. Seriously, it's different from with Zico. Mainly because while I find Bitto cute, I don't think he's attractive (he's not unattractive either though). And yes his rapping and dancing are amazing, but I wouldn't say he is exceptional. And I just... I'm not trying to put him down because there is obviously a reason he is on this list. It's just that I honestly do not know myself. Something about him just calls to my heart. Maybe it's his personality? I don't know yet, but I plan to find out in 2016.
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@ChelseaJay Yeah but Yugyeom is my everything 😭😭😭
@SusiBosshammer I'm sure we can arrange something.
@ChelseaJay I can agree with that
@ChelseaJay Since its for Yugyeom. Ill accept it.