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Heyo! I was tagged by @jgallegos222 to do this get to know me card thingy, so lets start!

Favorite K-Pop Pictures!

I decided to add a picture of a boy group and girl group that I enjoy listening to a lot C: ( BTS and F(x) ) Since my username is Kyokeo, I'd like to be called Kyokeo.. xD ( My real name is Jenny but I don't think it suits me at all )

Favorite Dance Practices!

I actually have 2 I really like the first one because it is one of the dance practices that was uploaded that BTS were acting completely silly and didn't have to put up any "tough" guy act and I just love it a lot ^^ Although the second one isn't a dance practice, the video mostly contained dance and I love how hardcore it was and how awesomely the video and choreography itself was put together!

Favorite current song and favorite song of all time!

I have a lot of songs I like atm but one of them I like a lot more is Got7's "If You Do" ^^ My all time favorite song is BTS's "I Need U", It's so beautiful ;-;

Bias group + Funny picture!

As you can tell by the picture above, BTS is my bias group! This picture was also one of the first BTS memes I came across when I discovered BTS a few months ago. They're my bias group because they're all hardworking and don't fail to stay dorky and adorable even though they're tired ^^

Some stuff about myself + How I got into K-Pop

Well now I will share some stuff about myself! Uh, I'm 13 ( Most or some of you will know from my Love Bug Challenge ), I'm an only child, and I live in MN ^^. I like hip-hop dancing, art, technology, and many more things that I probably can't think of right now. I actually got into K-Pop because of a friend of mine in 2012 for a while. I was listening to mainly 4Minute and B2ST. Later I stopped listening to it and when 2015 came, I actually liked this song called Electric Shock by F(x) and then I was slowly being sucked into the world of K-pop again and slowly was drifting away from it over time. Fast forward to late September, I saw a vine of misheard lyrics of BTS's Dope and that's where I got myself stuck into the world of K-Pop once again! Now here I am, a huge fangirl of BTS and other bands like Exo, Red Velvet, and more C:
Tagging the peepz ^^
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