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I was tagged by @AkashBhojraj to do this so thank you very much ^^let's get started!!! 4 New Year Dreams: Write them down and share if you'd like!
1) I took 2, very important, tests this year and I am hoping that I did well on both of them! Those tests are really significant to me because it can change my life. So my wish? For both test scores to be decent and not bad. Hahah ^^
2) I wish everyone happiness. I'm not saying be happy all year because life isn't quite like that, realistically. But what I'm saying is to enjoy every single happiness in life. Might as well enjoy it while you can ^^
3) I wish to learn many languages! I plan to join the Marine Corps. and become a good translator. Yeah but first college ^^
4) Travel the world would be my dream! I love going to different places so traveling would be good ^^
Nice One @RaquelArredondo! Thanks for doing the challenge! :)
@nicolejb thank you for your benevolent words :D you're pretty badass yourself you know ^^
Good luck with joining the Marine Corps! My dad and brother are both in the army and I'm very proud of them. I had an ex-boyfriend who was in the marines. it's a lot of work, but I'm sure you'll be awesome. you are so badass already! :D