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I think I have this many well we shall see!!!
1) Jimin!!! My ChimChim has made it to number one....a place where MANY other guys were!!! Then again he is my ultimate bias and who wouldn't love this fluffy boy!!! ^~^
2) Suga (Min Yoongi) Yoongi will be second...although this is very difficult but I do feel like this man has a special place in my heart (all of them do)
3) Hyuk Hyukkie!!! I fell in love hard when I saw him on MyDol! I saw this boy grow up to who he is now and I couldn't be any happier!!
4) Hongbin Bean or Hongbinnie!! Another one from Vixx I likes him but it wasn't until I saw Glorious Day, the drama he was in, that he truly became my bias! He was amazing and I loved his character.....although I love all the members but they chose me!
5) Youngjae My beautiful boy, another love at first sight, his vocals blew me away and aghhh I couldn't help it!!!
6) Zelo Baby I love this cute alien robot!! Not to mention he is the same age as me!! I wonder how it would feel to stand next to him (I am short so he's a giant)
7) Jongup I actually don't know when I started liking him.... I guess he did just choose me without even realizing! ^~^ But it doesn't matter because I love him!!
8) Jonghyun My first first band....SHINee is what started it all! I tried so hard to just stay with him but as I discovered new bands I started bumping him down and I feel so bad about it!!
9) Daesung My Dae such a bright star he is... I loved him because he is not the traditional beauty that most people know but he is perfect in every way and I haven't looked back heh. He was my second bias and I do feel sad heh
10) I.M Changkyun!!!! Yeah I am a proud MonBebe and I.M stan!! As most of you know it was Wonho but Changkyun squeezed his way into my heart! I cant believe its ten already!
11) Wonwoo Wonwon is new and I dont regret the decision of liking another band! (okay maybe in the beginning)
12) Sunyoul Sun....again I beat myself to not give in to another band but Up10tion just won....curiosity does kill the cat (fan) but I deal with it as best as I can and Sun chose me I mean he is adorable!!!
13) Jimin My first girl bias....well not really but on this list yeah.... I dont have a nickname for her yet so I just call her Jimin cuz ChimChim us already used heh....^~^ I really love rappers but most of my biases are she just popped into my life when I decided to stop being biased to guy groups and venture to girl groups.....
14) Woori Woo I actually didn't know she was an idol because I only know her as an actress..... So you could imagine when I saw her group Rainbow (my fave girl group) and saw her there with my other favorite Mina!!!
15) Amber Yes I know she is last but that was because I had kind of forgotten too many idols in my head..... F(x) the second girl group I thoroughly enjoy the first being GG but since my Jess left I kind of don't listen to them as much.... Yeah Amber is gorgeous but technically I love all four of them (now) so it was difficult to choose just one...
;-; I have too many biases ugh XD love them all tho <3
How do people keep them straight
Awesome list... Your top 2 are my 2nd and 3rd lol. Gaaaah there's just too many to choose from!!!
Ahh!!! I love youngjae:)
@krin ahh thats amazing ^~^