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This is another recently taken picture ..I found of all the ones I have from my detective mode It caught my eyes so.. got romantic again. . I just want to know what does Mark sees when he looks at Jackson??? I mean that's the 7 million dollar question lol..I noticed that look in all the pictures that he is looking at him..♡

p.s. I promise I'll give a rest to the Markson spam..haha.. I have another ship in mind..

I freaking love the way they look at eachother when the other isn't looking, the facial expressions they have are aways so adorable and in awe when they do it. ❤
No don't stop I love Markson
@luna1171 they both treasure each other and it's painfully obvious to see that
@LenaBlackRose aaaaw.. that was beautiful .. yes probably that's what he thinks..
don't stop! Lol and I think he probably feels awe and wonder and thankfulness when he looks at him. a mixture of those. Like what did I ever do to have you in my life and I can't possibly and don't want to ever imagine life without you.