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Thank you to @LexTay327 for tagging me to do this. I am really sorry if I break anyone's phones or computers.... I looked horrid when I was young... but let's go...
So this is me as a young child... I am the one in the blue coat.. This picture was took with my sister. I was about 5 in this picture.. and I look terrible! So let's move on to another terrible picture....
So this was me in 2012 going to my prom. I quite like this picture but I didn't like my dress.... I love my hair though (even if it is extensions) Next photo! Joy....
So these were taken in about 2013.. or 2014. I dunno. I was about 18 here... and thought back combing my hair looked good... big mistake as now when I look back it looks like a birds nest... The first picture is of me and one of my best friends! I love this picture with her.
Now to upgrade to me now. The 19 year old me (turning 20 soon)
Now for the most recent photo taken a few weeks ago... and yes my hair colour has changed... I was brown (natural brown) and now I have purple hair! although it doesn't look like it in the photo. I have grown more confident over the years and absolutely love this photo!!
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Soo pretty and I am loving those posters
@Jiyongixoxo thank you!!! and I love them too! haha
i wanted to do full but my mom said highlights but ill be able to next time
aww. I want to go a lighter colour but I'll have to strip my hair which will damage my hair so I'll stick with this colour
ill have to strip my hair to maybe idk what im going to do yet