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Note: I don't own any of these pictures and an solely using them as references. Authors note: happy New Years everyone! Please enjoy this other skit of Kimi and Keita! ~Kimi~ I knocked on the door holding my breath. This would me and Keita's first time spending New Years together. He was taking longer than he usually did to open the door. I was going to reach up to knock again when Keita flew the door open. "Kimi!" He stopped and blushed looking at the kimono I was wearing. He giggled." Kimi you're actually dressed like a girl today." My eyes widened and I punched his arm. "If you don't tell me how cute I look I'll never do it again!" He laughed rubbing his arm. "Ok Kimi." He smiled at me." You're beautiful." I blushed and he zoomed passed me." Come on! The fairs gonna start soon!" He called I tried to run after him, but this outfit was really strange to me. It hugged my legs making it hard to run, and the shoes were hard to move in." Keita! Wait for me!" Keita stopped looking back at me and caught me before I could stumble and hit the floor. "Keita." "Sorry Kimi, I didn't know you were so bad at running in girl shoes." He giggled. I glared." Like you would be any better." I stuck my tongue out. "Give me your shoes! I'll prove it to you!" He said trying to take my shoes from me. I kicked him. "No way you idiot! They're mine!" "How am I suppose to prove I can do it better than you if you won't give me your shoes." He yelled getting frustrated. "I never said I would let you!" "So you surrender." He said calming down more. "What." He smiled big, giggling." If you surrender than I win." I glared at him. I hated losing to him all the time! " I can to do it! I can walk in them way better than you!" "Hmmm...." He smiled sheepishly crossing his arms. "You can't even run in them. How could you be any better than me?" "I can too!" I yelled and grabbed Keita's hand running." Let's go!" I'm running, even though I was afraid to fall. I'm running, even though I don't know how. I'm running, because of Keita. I ran with him all the way to the fair, listening to his footsteps follow after me. "You did it." Keita said when we made it to fair. I smiled back at him. "So take it back." He laughed crossing his arms behind his head. " Ok Ok! I guess you're not totally terrible at walking in girls shoes. At least you're better than me anyways." I laughed and we starting walking around to see what we could do until the fireworks started tonight. "Are you hungry?" I nodded. Food did sound like a good Idea right now. I looked around to see what places would be good for us to eat. Keita did the same. "There!" Keita said running over to a stand and I followed him. "Fish." he pointed standing on his tippy toes to slam his hand down on the counter so he would know that we were there. "Hey mister, 2 fish please!" The man peaked over looking at us. "Are you even old enough to be here by yourself?" "Old man, how much is the fish." Keita said. "Don't ignore me you brat!" "I asked you a question first." "Well, I'm older than you! Respect your elders!" "I know that! That's why I said OLD man." I laughed. "We're 8" I said and the man looked from me to Keita. "You're really short kid." "Shut up! Just give me my food!" Keita said waving the money at him, and the Man grabbed It counting it. "Two fish, coming up." I poked Kieta's cheek and he looked over at me. "What." "We should play that game next." Keita looked over to where I was pointing. it was a throwing game. He smiled. "Sounds fun, Let's check it out." He was about to walk away when I pulled on his hood. "Honestly, you just argued with this man for a good 5 minutes, and now you're going to leave you're food." He shrugged. "You're the one that said we should go play." "I didn't mean right now stupid!" "Two fish." The guy said handing the fish to us. "Enjoy the fair guys." "Thanks old man." The man twitched his eyebrow irritated and Keita grabbed my hand. "Come on Let's go check out the game now." "You little brat!" The guy called after us but Keita was already concentrating on the new came and eating the fish. "Hey kids wanna take a crack at it? All you have to do is knock all the pins down. Think you can manage that." Keita nodded. "Sure." He said holding the fish in his mouth and stretching his shoulder like he usually does before a match. I decided I was going to watch first and see if Keita really could do. The game operator elbowed a guy standing next to them, as they chucked about keita's seriousness. He handed Keita the balls, and Keita took a breath and then looked back at the three pins. "Focus." He whispered, and then raised the ball up slightly before throwing it with all him might knocking the pins over and makin them bounce forward falling outside of the booth. The game operator stared at him, and so do his friend, and so did I, and Keita just smiled at all of us. "So what's my prize?" They gave Keita a big Teddy bear, and I laughed. "Keita! It's bigger than you!" "Shut up! It is not!" "Whatever, My turn." I said walking over to them, and handing them a dollar. They gave me the two balls, and I looked at the pins. I let myself focus for a moment, before gripping the ball hard and slamming it into the pins making them bounce against the side of the booth. "I won too!" I yelled happily and pointing to the prize I wanted. We continued to play games until it was almost time to go watch the fireworks. "Wait Kimi, Let's go on a ride." I looked over at some of the rides that looked pretty fun. A roller coaster would be awesome! A spinning will, or even a haunted house or something. "What about that one." Keita said pointing at a Ferris wheel I immediately became disappointed. "What a thriller." I said and he tugged at my hand. "Come on! It'll be fun!" I let Keita drag me to a ride, that seemed like, nothing but a waiste of time. It look slow, and the most thrilling thing about it would be that the cart we were in would wobble. I wonder why he chose this one? It was really un-Keita like. Though, we still got on. "6 tickets please." The ride operator asked and we both gave him the tickets. Getting into the cart. I was nervous, because me and Keita had to sit really close together, but the question was....Why was I nervous? Keita and I have always been together for as long as I can remember. So why I am all of a sudden...scared. "Kimi, have you ever been on this ride before?" he asked and I shook my head. He smiled, I softly smiled. "I like this ride, It's the first one I go on every year." "Alone?" I asked. He nodded his head. "My dad is usually doing police work, and your dad usually won't let you leave. My mom is usually working at the office late. So I usually go to these things alone. Hoping that with all these people around. I feel a little less lonely." I was going to say something, but Keita continued talking. "But I don't. I don't feel any less lonely with all these people surrounding me. That's why, I'm really happy today. I'm happy you came with me today. Having you with me, is like, I don't feel lonely at all. That's also why...I like this ride." I tilted my head. I didn't understand what he meant we started getting to the top and the fireworks went off. in the very distance you could see my house, and the window to my room. Was he watching the fireworks the same time I he wouldn't feel alone? "Keita." I called and he turned around to look at me. "hmm-" he said and I softly pecked him on the lips as bright red and green firework blew up in the back ground. "Happy New years!"
@KiraHitomi yeah I'm not gonna lie I got lost on that one 馃槗
@KiraHitomi wat was wrong
@KiraHitomi now that I think about it I remember what happened in the maze runner scorch trials and I don't want my guts to be pulled from my stomach so I'll gladly take the metal bat. Kimi go ahead.
@KiraHitomi well it was great knowing you off to go sacrifice myself to the zombies
@KiraHitomi yeah just don't tell her that I said her game is off. Wait Kimi where did u get a metal bat?!
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