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Hellooooo~! So I was tagged by @helixx on this "upgrade challenge" thing. I think it's pretty cool. I don't have any progress photos, just... Two simple ones :P

Ok let's just start!

Not a pretty sight to see eh? XD yep that's me. I believe 2 years old? This picture was actually taken right now from my very tshirt that I kept for years. I believed this tshirt is very valuable and will keep it until I die. :3

I was one weird kid xD

By the big ears from my grandpa to the really really REALLY weird ass smile xD I think it's time to leave this era....
DEFENITELY time to upgrade....
No. That's not me, upgrade you mixed up my upgrade with someone else's....
Um no, that's my best friend wearing chains as fashion.... Upgrade plz try to find me!
Now that's just cold.... -_-
THERE YA GO! Ugh upgrade do I look like any of the other options you gave us?? Clearly the third one looked better then me 馃檮馃檮馃檮
Get your crayons for the 2016 vinglers! Currently listening to zutter while everyone in the family are listening to loud bachata 馃馃檲馃帄馃挄馃帀鉂わ笍馃帄
Lol I TRY to be funny xD @helixx
I LOVE your sense of humor!!! This card was too cute.
@catchyacrayon You're welcomeeee :)
You are so adorable!!
Youre so pretty
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