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You shrunk back as Namjoon’s face reddened in anger,”I honestly thought you were better than that!” He took a step towards you, but ended up bumping into Taehyung who had forced his way in between you two. “Back off.” Namjoon looked confused, but he still placed his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders and tried to move him aside,”Taehyung, you’re drunk… Just let me handle this.” V brushed Namjoon’s hands aside roughly and stepped back in his spot. He narrowed his eyes,”I may be drunk, but I know that you’re not going to-” From your spot on the ground you, saw Namjoon raise a brow at the way Taehyung was speaking to him. Quickly, you interjected,”No, he’s right Taehyung…I was…I was taking advantag-” “No you weren’t.” He cut you off,”I knew exactly what was going on.” His glare shifted to his friend,”Hyung, don’t ever talk to my girlfriend like that again please.” Rap Monster raised a brow, pointing down at you, “Okay. But she is not your girlfriend.” Namjoon waited for the recognition to light up Taehyung’s eyes. Only it didn’t. He still glared back at him. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed heavily,”Is this really happening?” He grunted, ”Taehyung, Hana is your girlfriend..ring a bell?” When Taehyung didn’t respond, he reached out, grabbing V’s arm. “Either way, it’s late and we have practice tomorrow.” Despite the boy’s weak protests, Namjoon led him to the door, ”Let’s just get you back to the dorm.” He glanced at you,”This will be the last time this happens. Please don’t contact us again.”
Silently, you watched Namjoon drag Taehyung from the apartment. You were just starting to accept that Taehyung was through with you. Why did this have to happen now? They had never understood those moments where you fit so well into him. Or how in an instant he could mold himself around you. He could be dancing around the living room with a broom and and mop, singing at the top of his lungs to whatever song was playing. When you’d walk in, calmly taking it all with a confused grin, he’d drop everything and move towards you, gently drawing you towards himself, all that energy pushed back. They always marvelled how he’d tilt his head to the side, a shy grin tugging at his lips as he softly persuaded you to join him. How was it that just by walking into the room you could make him so calm? The way all his energy would just fall away into awe in the fact that you were his. Separate, the two of you seemed like opposites. He was always moving around, always talking, or playing, or with someone. You kept to herself, was quiet, and preferred to just watch. However there were times where the two of you would just switch. And suddenly, you’d be happily chattering away and Taehyung would sit there quietly, a smile playing on his lips. Then there were the moments he’d pull away from all the hustle and bustle of the crowd just to sit beside you and hold your hand. Those were the moments where the other member were truly floored.
And then Hana waltzed in with enough energy to keep up with him. Suddenly, his earnest attention to you was divided between staying with you and watching her flutter about. Her mouth was just as loud as his, and instead of giving up after awhile trying to keep up with him like you did, she’d be the one having him struggling to keep up. Honestly, you liked Hana. It was refreshing to see someone who kept Taehyung so engaged. The way he’d tire himself out trying to keep pace with her, then come home to cuddle with you was beautiful. Somewhere along the way, something had shifted. He had stop trying to bring you into conversations, choosing instead to just go off on some rabbit trail with Hana. You didn’t mind, you were used to being left out of large group conversations. Before you knew it, he was quietly telling you that he wanted to break up with you. And you knew exactly why. You didn’t cry; at least not there in front of him. You had asked if you two could still be friends, and he agreed. Then three days later, with your texts to him and the other boys unanswered, Namjoon called. He explained everything; how Taehyung was dating Hana and how she felt uncomfortable with him keeping contact with you. How the rest of the member felt weird about still being friend’s with their friend’s ex. And tried to gently explain that it was best to cut off all contact. Out of all of them, you had connected with Namjoon the most. Sometimes you thought it was more so than Taehyung. Although he loved to talk about his deepest feelings and that wasn’t your forte, you still listened and marvelled how he was so openly in tune with himself. He appreciated it too, often telling you that he felt so at ease telling you his deep thoughts. He loved the way you’d listen, and even ask relevant questions instead of the confused ‘alright’ he usually got. Although you met him through Taehyung, you had honestly thought you and Namjoon were close friends. That you two had surpassed the ‘friend-of-a-friend’ phase. But once Taehyung was out of the picture, so was he and the rest of Bangtan.
And you were alone again. And you had to relearn how to shut people out. And now it was reflexive. Putting up walls and shutting people out was easy. So very easy. Letting them in was hard; except for Taehyung. He had a way of just strolling in (whether drunk or sober apparently). He was back, you had him with you for a few moments and you were happy and open. Then he was gone and the same warning was repeated. ‘Stay away from us’. And the walls were back. And you were alone again. You belatedly opened your eyes. The first thing that registered in your mind was that you had fallen asleep on your living room floor. The next was that you had, in fact, cried yourself to sleep on said floor. Sitting up was a chore, your back was stiff beyond relief. It took several minutes, but you finally managed to sit up on your couch, sinking into the cushions with a strained sigh. The LED light of your phone’s notification blinked. Grabbing the half dead phone, you blankly scrolled through the text rant sent from Namjoon last night shortly after he’d left. Reading only the first line, you knew the rest was basically berating your actions. You tiredly responded with an ‘I’m sorry’ and left it at that. Next you checked the missed call from an unknown number. There was no voice mail so you didn’t even bother. Your back seriously hurt, even breathing was painful. Stretching slowly, you whined softly. You definitely needed ice. Just as you were about to toss the phone off to the side, it started to ring. Namjoon’s face popped up. Didn’t he say not to contact him? Why was he calling you? The thought of something being wrong with Taehyung was the only reason you picked up. All you did was sigh, then his soft voice was quickly uttering,
“I’m sorry, Y/N…I’m so sorry.” Your racing heart- thinking that something was indeed wrong with Taehyung- calmed when Namjoon added,”I had no right to touch you or talk to you like that last night. I was drunk, and I just barged in and assumed.” He chuckled,”You know me..” Slowly slouching over the armrest, you bitterly echoed,“I know you.” Oh, sure you knew him. The guy who had ranted and raved about you being a treasured friend to him, then the next moment ignoring you, and even accusing you of taking advantage of someone. He caught the tone and sombered. Namjoon knew how you were, and he knew that he had single handedly dug a chasm between the two of you, “I know…after everything I said, last night and before it’s weird between us-” He coughed,”I meant us as the guys and-” “Namjoon is there a point to this?” “Yeah, yeah,” He deflated,”Taehyung doesn’t remember anything from last night, so is it okay if you and I meet up and talk about it?” The thought of hanging up was seriously tempting you. He had made it clear to not bother them, and now he wanted to meet up. He was obviously pulling at strings, but why? “If he doesn’t remember, then there’s no point in talking about it.” You calmly added, enunciating each word slowly. Namjoon sighed. He knew how you’d get so very calm before blowing up. It was just like Suga and was, quite frankly, scary. Unlike Suga who would start out calm and progressively get louder and louder until he exploded, you’d be calm the entire time and then suddenly you were screaming. He was walking on thin ice,
“Y/N-” “Namjoon…” you started slowly,”You told me-no…you ordered me never to talk to you or the rest of Bangtan. And I listened, didn’t I? Now, Taehyung mistakenly stumbles in through my door, and you want me to just be buddy-buddy with you?” And the ice was starting to crack. Desperate not to bury himself deeper, he just shouted what he wanted to say all along. He honestly wanted to say this in person, but he knew you were close to shutting him out completely, “Y/N, I was wrong!” He pleaded,” I was so wrong! When Taehyung broke up with you, all I thought of was Jungkook’s ex girlfriend and I panicked. You know what she did when she found out he was seeing a new girl. She ruined them! And our whole group suffered and Jungkook was so hurt..” He paused to breathe,”And I was so wrong to think that you were like her, and I overreacted. Everything that I knew about you… I threw away and just tried to keep you as far away from us as possible; to protect my boys. And I was wrong, and it’s bothered me since. I tried to ignore it, but after last night…the way you looked at me..I couldn’t sleep last night knowing I treated you like that.” “Okay.” “Okay?!” He repeated incredulously,”Y/N, I know you try to pretend you don’t care but, I know you-” Someone in the background called out to him, but he continued to talk, “Come to the practice room..Please Y/N, I want to apologize in person.” You stepped into the practice room, still a little unsure why you even showed up. If Namjoon was so sorry, he should’ve dragged himself to you. The boys, in the middle of their routine didn’t spare you a glance. Looking to a corner to sit, you saw Hana sitting cross legged tapping at her phone. You immediately decided to sit in the opposite corner. Just as you were easing down (your back was still killing you) the music stopped. You were too busy watching V saunter over to Hana to notice Namjoon making a beeline over to you. He sat down across from you, wiping the sweat from his brow. His face was flush and he looked exhausted. You handed him your unopened bottle of water. “You should have slept last night.” You chastised quietly.
Somehow, Taehyung had heard you speak and his head snapped in your direction, his confused gaze looking between you and Namjoon. You avoid his piercing gaze. If he truly didn’t remember last night, than this whole encounter was as if he hadn’t spoken to you since you two broke up. Seeing that Namjoon was planning to chug the whole bottle, you reached out and pulled it from his lips,”You’ll get a cramp if you drink all this and then go back to practice, slow down.” He smiled at you, happy that you were speaking with him. It let him know that you were at least trying to hear him out. Still trying to catch his breath, he shifted closer you. The other members were most likely trying to listen in. You reached out to touch his forehead, it felt a little warm. “Y/N!” You flinched, pulling your hand back and looking for who was screaming your name. Undoubtedly, your eyes locked with Taehyung. He was staring at you, confusion written all over his face. “Y/N..” he repeated softer. He rubbed his temples, squinting at you in confusion. Tiredly, you wondered if he was remembering something from last night. After a heavy pause, he sighed, rubbing his forehead. Hana mentioned something about fresh air to him and he nodded. Together and hand in hand, the happy couple left the practice room. Namjoon watched as you blankly followed them with your eyes. You were so good at watching things with this air of distance, and it frustrated him to no end. Weren’t you upset? That was the boy who you had woken him up at at three am over, panicking because you truly felt you loved him and had no idea how to convey it to him. Namjoon remembered that call vividly. He remembered fear and confusion in your voice at being in love with Taehyung, but not sure how to express it him. And that night, Namjoon knew that you really did love him. Now you were looking at him as if you didn’t even know him. “Why do you do that?” He murmured tenderly. “Y/N…you loved him. How can you just stared at him like there was nothing between you two?” You gaze shifted from the door that had been shut awhile ago to Namjoon,”Bursting into tears everytime I see him because it hurts doesn’t help anyone.” “Neither does blocking everyone out!” He spit out passionately. You caught the beginning of a rant and shut it down immediately with, “Isn’t that what you wanted?” His passion died in his throat as he looked away in shame. Sedately, you added,”Wasn’t it easier for you to pretend that I didn’t exist after Taehyung broke up with me? Even after all those night you and I spent talking, wasn’t it easier to leave me behind? You were afraid of all the emotional turmoil, right? Didn’t your entire group do that?” You caught his gaze and held it,”So why is it wrong when I do it?”
He rubbed at his scalp,”I know I did that…I’m sorry-” “You’re forgiven.” He frowned, staring at you intently. After a moment he slowly shook his head,”You don’t mean that..” Namjoon was getting frustrated. He knew it was next to impossible for you to forgive him on the spot, but you weren’t even trying to care. The practice room door opened and Hana and Taehyung stepped in. He looked a bit surprised to see you still there. Kissing Hana’s head, he nudged her in the direction of Jimin before coming over to you. Taehyung sat beside you, nervously licking his lips, “Hi.” He murmured, gauging your reaction. To him, this was the first time he’s seen you or spoken to you in over a month. Namjoon internally cringed at the expressionless look you gave him. “Hello. How are you?” Taehyung immediately caught on that something wasn’t right. He worriedly looked to his hyung, but Namjoon was staring into his lap, mumbling softly to himself. Taehyung looked back to you, reaching out to grasp your hand. You easily pulled it out of his grasp, “Please don’t touch me.” He recoiled, thinking how stupid he was trying to just touch you like that after a month of no contact. “I-I’m sorry, Y/N.” He bit his lip,”Am I interrupting something between you and Namjoon hyung?” “No. I was just leaving.” You stood up, shaking your head at Namjoon who looked like he wanted to say something. V, wanting to still talk to you, but unsure of how, sadly watched his chance to say something to get you to stay slip away. Across the room, Hana piped up,”Y/N! We’re all going out for drinks later, do you want to come?” In an instant, there was smile on your face that had Taehyung confused as to how you switched so fluidly. Directing your attention to Hana, you politely declined,”Thank you, but no thank you…I don’t drink.” Excusing yourself, you were out the door and heading towards the exit at top speed. You were curled up in bed (your back finally felt better), a book resting against your legs and a headphone bud pressed into your ear when your bedroom door was shoved open. Jumping in fright, you pressed yourself back against your pillows in fear as you suppressed the urge to scream. Taehyung twirled into the room, throwing himself onto the bed. You bounced with the motion, cautiously staring as he rolled onto his stomach. Staring up and you with a grin, he sighed, “Jagi~!” He propped himself up on his elbows,”I missed you Jagi..” he cooed softly. He shuffled closer to you, laughing when you tried to gently push him back with your foot. Taehyung smiled widely, gripping your ankle and pulling you towards him. You squeaked, holding your arms out to stop him from pulling you into a hug.
“Taehyung, stop!” You held his face between your hands, “ really need to go now.” you whispered softly. His playful expression quieted, as he struggled to focus his eyes on you. “Jagi.” he murmured. You sighed heavily, hanging your head. Why was this happening? His fingertips skimmed up and down your sides,”Jagi” he repeated lower. Glancing at him, you saw his tongue run along his bottom lip and his eyes droop down,”Jagiya~.” You bit your lip and he smiled knowingly,”It’s been awhile, right?” Releasing a strangled breath, you pulled away from him. He grinned, misreading the situation and you all but yelled out when he pulled his shirt over his head. Snatching your phone from the nightstand, you ran from the room frantically looking for Namjoon’s contact. Taehyung’s footsteps followed close behind. You could hear his hands dragging along the wall to support himself as he called out for you. You ducked behind your kitchen island, hoping Namjoon would pick up already. You heard a click and the sound of Rap Monster’s voice, before the phone was plucked from your hands. Slowly, your eyes lifted to Taehyung’s smoldering stare. “You’re bad at hiding.” He giggled softly, lifting you up to your feet. He back you against the counter, and you tried to avoid touching his bare torso. Taehyung rolled his eyes playfully, pulling your arms up to wrap around his neck. When you resisted him, he pouted,”What’s wrong?” “This!” You hissed,”Taehyung, you have a girlfriend, and she’s not me!” His hand fell down heavily on the counter edge as he leaned into you, “You’re funny.” He leaned into to kiss you, but lost his balance, swaying to the side. Scooting past him, you glanced to make sure he hadn’t fallen and then sprinted to your room, locking the door. Digging through your drawers you searched for a spare phone to no avail. Silently, you cursed yourself for leaving yours back in the kitchen. Taehyung knocked at the door, trying the doorknob. “Y/N! Let me in! I miss you…” “You’re drunk!” You shouted back. From the other side of the door, he laughed, “Maybe a little, but I still miss you!” “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” You countered, moving towards the door. Crouching down, you mentally measured the space between the bottom of the door the floor. You wondered if he had his phone with him. “Taehyung, can I have your phone?” you tried. You heard rustling, then his shiny black phone was sliding under the door to you. His voice sounded like he was pressed against the door as he tried the knob again, “Will you let me in now?” Ignoring him, you tried Namjoon again.”V?” He mumbled tiredly. “No, it’s Y/N, Taehyung’s here again.” You explained,”Please come get him.” Taehyung’s voice drifted through the door,”Namjoon..?,” He repeated in confusion. “Are you trying to get rid of me Y/N?” He sounded so hurt. You bit your lip, trying to cover your ears. The last thing you wanted was to send Taehyung away, but this entire situation was wrong. Softly, he knocked again. Your attempt at stifling your tears failed when he softly asked, ”Don’t you love me?” “I love you Taehyung.” You cried,”I love you so much.” You could hear him slide down to sit by the door. He was drunk and confused and you wanted nothing more than to console him, but it wasn’t your place anymore. He weakly thumped the back of his head against the door and you felt it against your skull as you curled up by the door, trying to stop crying. “Then why do you want me to leave?” He mumbled. You scoffed at him,“You’ve already left.” “Jagi, I’d never leave you.”
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