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Have you ever seen a more visceral bridal bouquet than this?! I promise you, this is one floral design to get your quests talking! Like Crazy! Texting, gossiping and whatnot!
Something like this, in all it's charred-hued elegance, is one daring bouquet because it trumps everything you've seen, thought of, or imagined possible as THE BOUQUET for your wedding! Look at how dark and woody these florals are. The blackened greens take the limelight on this, whereas the dahlias and roses take a backseat to the overall design.
The big question remains, however: What dress do you wear with this?! I honestly think that you could wear something that was all white or off white. I'd avoid glitz and keep it matte. But what do you all think? What would you wear with this? Do you like the flowers? The design? Share your thoughts!
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