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The street was too crowded. Hundreds of people were gathering next to the castle to witness the start of the fireworks. This year, the show would be spectacular. Sarah was holding my left arm. She seemed excited like a little child. I was glad she was with me that night. I caressed her cheek gently and she looked at me happily. I felt like if the warmth in her eyes had dissipated all the cold air around us. “Tell me, what’s your wish for next year?”. I thought for a while and then I said, “I would like to visit Mongolia!”. She looked as if she was surprised. “Mongolia? Really? That’s an interesting wish!”. I laughed. ”I've been reading about it recently. It sounds like a nice place to visit! What about you? what’s your wish for next year?”. She raised her eyes to the sky. She looked distracted for a moment but then she said, “Next year, I wish I ...” A loud voice emerged suddenly from the speakers in the street. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the fireworks will start in one minute. We hope you enjoy the show!” A group of young men just next to us started cheering. Some people in the crowd began doing the countdown. Sarah came close to my ear and whispered “I'll tell you after". Few seconds later, red numbers were projected on the castle front wall, and now everyone was shouting: “Twenty! Nineteen! Eighteen!”. I took a glance around us. Many people were taking videos of the castle with their smartphones. Others were taking selfies next to their partners or friends. “Ten! Nine! Eight!” Just in front of us, there was a little girl on top of her father’s shoulders. She was staring at me with a funny look on her face. She looked as if she was annoyed by the sight of me. I smiled and waved at her. But I was surprised by what she did. She raised a middle finger at me! “Little bastard!” I turned to Sarah laughing. “Look at that...”. “Six! Five! Four!”. Sarah was not there. A middle aged man was standing in her place. I turned around looking for her. All I could see were strange faces. “Where is she?!”. I was calling after her and gazing at all directions. “Sarah! Sarah!”. But there was no trace of her. I started cursing and pushing the people behind me as I was trying to find my way through the crowd. “Three! Two! One!”. Everyone was looking now at the castle and waiting for the fireworks to start. Few seconds passed, but the sky above the castle remained black and dark. No one was cheering anymore, and a heavy silence fell on the street. Then I heard someone calling “Myriam! Myriam!” A woman next to me was also yelling. “Paul! Where are you?!”. “Mike!” “Alex!” “Maya!” I was still looking for Sarah who had completely vanished. I also realised she was not the only one missing. From the shouts around me, it was clear many people had already disappeared. A wave of panic swept over there. No one seemed to care about the fireworks -that for some reason didn’t start-, and everyone was looking for someone. And then I saw it... At first, I couldn’t recognise that thing falling from the sky. I thought it was a dead bird. But as it was approaching, I could distinguish a familiar shape. It was a body. A human body... As it crashed on the ground few feet away from me, I could hear loud screams coming from the people standing there. I rushed quickly to where the body had fallen, and I was shocked by the sight of a shattered corpse in a pool of blood. Then I heard screams coming from the other side of the street. When I turned around, I saw people running, and I could catch a glimpse of a lady on the ground. I started running to her direction, when a young man landed just in front of me. I moved backward horrified. Another man just crashed on my right side, then a young woman behind me, then an old man. Suddenly, the sky was raining human bodies. I closed my eyes tightly. I was shaking. I could still hear the ugly sound of bodies falling around me... It was the last thing I could imagine when I went out with Sarah that night. Sarah... My dear Sarah... My lovely Sarah... I was praying she was not one of those bodies. That mere idea was filling me with pain and sorrow and... Suddenly I felt a huge weight hitting me and everything stopped... . . . When I opened my eyes, I was standing in that street. People around me were shouting. “Ten! Nine! Eight!” Just in front of me, there was a little girl on top of her father’s shoulders. She was staring at me with a funny look on her face. She looked as if she was annoyed by the sight of me. I quickly turned around... And there she was... Sarah... I surrounded her with my arms. I felt relieved to smell her scent again. “Stay close to me”. She looked at me playfully. Then she gave me a radiant smile and planted a kiss on my lips. “Always”. “Three! Two! One!” When I looked back, that little girl was not there. Stunning fireworks were blasting from the castle, and everyone was cheering now. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”.
ok, well let me know when you do another, I'd love to read more :D
@nicolejb probably not. I think I would just leave it as a short story.
thank you :) nicolejb, it could be one possible interpretation ;)
Woah!! Was totally not expecting that turnabout!! :)
Ah what?! I don't understand what happened in the end but I reallyyyy like this! Was the first Sarah part about her dying a dream?
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