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“ Its been a whole year now...Times does really fly” “Do you.. do you still miss him?” “I would be lying if I said no...I am sorry” “Its ok... after all, I decided to stay by your side no matter what” ____ Ultimately, life was staring to get better as soon as you left Jeon Jungkook. And it seemed that his life was also staring to change for the better. He started dating and rumors where even saying he might get married next year. Of course it hurts... but from the beginning you always knew that Jungkook was never really a match for you. He was way too perfect, and so opposite from you. When you found out that he was cheating, you didn’t even protest. You knew this happening sooner or later, so when it finally came, you accepted the facts. Looking across the room, you found your current boyfriend, Min Yoongi, trying to make breakfast. At first, you wanted to declined his idea of dating him, since he was in the same boy group as Jungkook. But as soon as you got to know him, you changed your mind and you give it a try. Suga was different, he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend, and you loved that. You loved the fact that he wasn’t trying to be perfect. You loved it when he gets mad, when he gets jealous even if tried not to show it. You loved the fact that you could see all of his flaws and along all of yours, together could try to make it better. You where sure that you loved him..,but then, why did you still think about Jungkook? Why did still hurt so much? Why was he still on your head, every time you kissed Suga? Yoongi knew. He knew about your feelings and how hard was still for you to forget Jungkook. And he accepted it. You brought out something in him. He found himself falling hard for you, so damn hard. Out of the few times he decided to try, you were his first priority as for him, he was sure he wanted to make you happy. Even if other man was running through your mind every time he hold your hand, if that made you happy, then whatever, he would do it. Because he loved you, even if it break him apart every time, he would do it. Suga looked across the room from the kitchen with a disappointed face at himself as he failed again to make breakfast. He looked at your smiling morning face. and it made it all better. _________ “Why were you doing this?” Cause you thought you could handle it, but as soon as you stepped on the cafe along with Yoongi and Jungkook with his “supposed” soon to be wife, you wanted to run away. The reason you accepted was only to prove Suga that you were already over him. But, heck, you were so damn wrong. Now you were sitting across them. Jungkook in front of you, Suga next to you and Jeon’s girlfriend in front of him. All of you sharing a table waiting for the waitress to come and end the awkward silence. “Hello,welcome to “Miss Right Cafe”, today I will be your server, how may I help you?”- that was the most beautiful phrase and your savior, a young lady, came to save you. At least that's what you thought. Everyone had already order, and you were ready to order the usual, but someone beat you to it. “She wants only the meat, avocado and ham in the hamburger. No vegetables, no spices, only that. Also for a drink, she wants a chocolate milkshake.”- Jungkook didn’t look at you, only after the waitress left, he had the guts to do it. He knew you so damn well. “You think this is funny?”-Suga interrupted the moment and made Jungkook look at him. “Of course not... but if you were at least the half of boyfriend I was to her, then you should have been able to order for her”- Jungkook raised his voice, making his girlfriend flinch at his voice and tried to calm him down. You looked at her and knew she didn’t deserve this. From her looks you could see how good of a person she was, she really cared about Jungkook. And from her eyes you could tell she was hurt from what Jeon did. “She doesn’t like me to do that...that’s why...”-Suga was interrupted by Jungkook again. “ You will never know, what we went through... all the hugs and kisses, the good times and the bad times, you know nothing! You weren’t there when I comforted her every time she judge her self in the mirror... do you do that? do you?!- Jungkook stands up from his seat and so does Suga. “ Please take Jungkook back, (Y/N), !!! He is so miserable without you... everyday he thinks of you.. and I just can’t take it anymore! I thought I could make him happy, but I failed, the only thing that would make him happy is you...so please, take him back.”- Everyone was surprised at Jeon’s girlfriend response, and everyone looked at her as she left the restaurant. Jungkook dind’t look surprise, as if he was expecting this to happen. You looked back at Suga, and his face showed everything. He knew you were leaving him. He looked so lost, as if his whole life was being taken away from him. It was now or never, in front of the people trying to pretend they weren’t looking, you need to decided. Who will you choose? The boy who is the love of your life ? or the boy who hold you tight when you were falling apart? To be continued? A/N: Hope you like this!? A hard desicion, right? I will leave the ending up to you! If you want more please let me know! HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH ALOT OF FEELS @OliviaZenger @SharayahTodd @ninjamidori @clstap1 @jjrockstar @amberg171997 @loftonc16 @TLeahEdwards @JessicaSchnipke @VeronicaArtino @ParkMinRin13 @JennieThor @BiancaMason @reyestiny93 @VIPFreak2NE1 @KellyOConnor @KaeliShearer @yaya12 @MalihaAhmed Thank you guys for the nice comments!
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I would choose neither of the two. Because if i decide to date Jungkook and leave Suga, it wouldn't be fair to Suga and he would have a difficult time. And if i were to continue to date Yoongi, then what happend in the restraunt would have been all for nothing.
this is so good!! can you please tag me in the next parts?
Please tag me in the next part please!
omg tagg meeee!!!! I need to know what happens next lol
Please tag me!!!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏