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Day 8- 5 friend groups!
I'll start of with the most obvious one, Fairy Tail! Why? Cause it's Fairy Tail!! What else do you need to know!!!
From my personal favorite anime, probably ever, Log Horizon! I love this show so much I just had to have a spot for them on here!
Next up is the crew from Non Non Biyori! One of my favorite slice of life shows out there! I've never laughed so hard over such simple things! Knock down the Ruler is Awesome!!!
Here are my boys from Hunter x Hunter! It's no question why I have them up here. This show has been in a lot of my cards thus far! Great show!!
And you just know I have to have the Z Fighters involved on this one too! Was there any question that they would be here too?? I think not!!!
Let me know who your 5 are!! Thanks for taking the time on your New Year's Eve to read my card! Much thanks!! Happy New Year everyone!!! all see you all next year! lol