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I know I'm really late, but I just wanted to greet my other BTS bias a happy 21st birthday! V, ARMY'S favorite cute alien! I just wanted to make this card for myself (as well as my Vingle fam) and dedicate it to this beautiful creature here.
From the very beginning, I always used to get V and Jungkook mixed up (hence my reasoning for having both him and the maknae as my ultimate biases in BTS)! Sorry, fellow Vingle ARMYs, for my initial ignorance, but I can very well tell the difference between the two now!
As I've developed a huge interest in BTS over the last year and a half, I've learned that V is such a sweetheart and a huge weirdo. And because he has that unique charasteristic about him compared to the other members, I love him that much more.
Besides him being adorable and weird, I also love his alluring sex appeal and soothing deep singing voice. This noona over here is gonna go crazy if he doesn't control his lip biting, lip/lollipop licking, lip touching, air humping, skin showing, sexy staring ways. Stop it, V! You're too young for me!
But overall, his alien ways are what kept my interest. Watching him interact with the other members, and even other people in general, is just entertaining to me, like behind the scenes cuts, Bangtan Bombs, on the V app, and on shows like Weekly Idol.
Now that he's recovered from what happened earlier this week, I hope he had a fun and memorable 21st birthday with the members and everyone else that was able to spend it with him! Saeng-il chukha hamnida, Kim Taehyung! Noona wishes you health and happiness forever! โค
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happy birthday Kim taehyung he is my 2nd ultimate bias ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
That's okay! I couldn't decide who my bias in bts was for a while but V ended up being ult and Kookie being the wrecker๐Ÿ˜‚
Do you know how old all the Bangtan Boys are?
@EWillsea Yes. Jin - Born in '92, so that makes him 24 in Korea. Suga - Born in '93, so 23 years old. J-Hope & Rap Monster - Born in '94, so 22 years old. Jimin & V - Born in '95, so 21 years old. Jungkook - Born in '97, so 19 years old.