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ok shout out to everyone who liked "ice cream with Bts" sorry for my grammar auto correct doesn't help me sometimes. ok so I hope u like this one as much as you liked the other one.
So waking up is already hard... there's V and Jungkook playing football in a one story house. There's Jin trying to teach Namjoon how to cook it was ok until the smoke detectors wouldn't shut up. Suga oh Suga he was the best in the morning he's all swag in the morning making new raps I went in there asking what song he was making "let me know". The rest are always still asleep. So breakfast isn't that bad unless Namjoon attempt to cook.Our manager drove us all to the studio but something happend and all rememered was the screams of everyone in the car ...
Do you guys like this ? sorry i left you hanging there. But if u dont like it then let me know. K see you guys byee
this looks fun and please continue ot
Please post more!
Don't be scared to comment guys. I need feedback to know if I should post more.😊πŸ’ͺπŸ’πŸ‘
omg! yes! but who's narrating?