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And she doused the flames that raged within him...those that had tormented him into truly believing 'it was a pleasure to burn;' she doused the flames that toiled and sought destruction, those that had threatened to engulf his very being, straight down to his core. The flames that had warped this man, Guy Montag, into the smoke and ash of that which was produced by the burning of a many Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft novel. Himself submerged deep within his own consciousness that reeked of kerosene and shame. A shame brought about by the awakening of something deep, buried and hidden in his own soul that had finally been awaken by this girl, who could see straight through his guise and pull him from the thoughts implanted by a dystopian society. Clarisse McClellan, the girl who wielded a true weapon, it being her intellectual mind; in doing so, bringing about a man who had once been lost to the teachings of a lesser society. The girl who would not live to see the changes she has wrought.
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Wow, this is awesome!! Good job!!