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IT IS NEW YEARS EVE FINALLY!! It's time to get wasted, watch a ball drop and celebrate with friends. But everyone always seems a little to caught up on who they are gonna kiss at midnight; to which I say FUCK THAT! Here are 6 pretty amazing things you can kiss at midnight besides your non existent S.O.
1. Your pet
2. Your drink
3. Your Mom
4. Your best friend
5. A random stranger
6. The toilet
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@LizArnone yes they are <3
2 years ago·Reply
@lizarnone. Like the kiss mom one. ☺️
2 years ago·Reply
Like kiss your best friend. .it's good to let them know that they're loved!
2 years ago·Reply
But always ask to kiss before you do! XD that could be weird if they aren't expecting it @JamiMilsap
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb Hahaha! Yes, give them warning definitely!
2 years ago·Reply