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*Credit to the creator of the video it's beautiful.*
You can't just have Jackson without Mark vice versa. These two are the #1 ship they get each other perfectly. Plus the way they look at each other..... x.x I refuse to ever date anyone unless they look at me like that.
I don't know what it is but Markson was the first kpop ship I ever had. They slithered their way into my heart as soon as I saw them together they completely destroyed my list ( like all of got7) but they are so close to taking the title of Ub. I can't choose between them like ever it's Markson or never.
They are very protective of each other Jackson has even fought wind for Mark if that isn't love I don't know what love is. I love when they get jealous and try to be lowkey about it.
They are just too adorable together like I can't even with my feels anymore they destroy me.
They are always together, but they bring out the best of each other. I just love how Mark started to introduce himself as Jackson. They always take care of each other. Do anyone else ship Markson or do you have another ship. For me it's Markson or never!!!!
loved it!!!@luna1171
loved it...
😁 @luna1171 thank you!