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sorry for the late update something came up. chapter 1: chapter 2:

Me too

"me too" both me and Taehyung turned around to see the door open and Jimin standing by it. "I agree with what Taehyung said we should give you space and time to Think" I was looking more confused than fans trying to figure out "Run" theory. "KIDS DINERS READY!" I took this as a chance I zoomed out away from them quickly. "COMING!" their surely weirder than they usually are today? I asked myself. "Yah, you all came In the kitchen to help me and then you suddenly leave! Aish!" "Mianhae, Mrs. Park, Tae was the one who distracted me. " "she's right mom, it was Tae's fault. " "Yah, so your just gonna blame me, Mrs. Park you see what their doing right? " "I get it just eat before the food gets cold." we ate and talked for 30 minutes, most of it was just Jimin and Taehyung arguing and Mrs. Park laughing and yelling and them. After dinner I helped Mrs. Park clean up. Jimin and Taehyung went to the basement, to play games. Mrs. Park called my mom to tell her that I was sleeping over today. Since Mrs. Park was gonna be gone for the whole weekend she allowed Jimin to invite some friends over to keep him company, she put me in charge because she trusted me. After about 5 minutes people started to arrive. First came Jungkook And Hobi, then came Jin and Namjoon. and last of the boys was none other than Yoongi, he walked in half asleep dragging his bags, and pillow. After another 5 minutes the doorbell rang again. "COMING! I taught this was supposed to be everyone?" I asked as I went to open the door. oh god no, there at the door were my friends, I don't hate them but I was planning to spend the whole weekend sleeping, but thanks to Tae and Jimin I can't do that. I was deciding whether I should just slam the door shut on them or let them in. I finally let them in, they entered in order of Kim , Hana, Su, Yuna , and Hyeri . The last to come in was Joy, she jumped on me as soon as she got through the door. "(Y/N)!" "Heyyy get off me,your cold! " "Actually you the cold one, who pushes their friend from a hug." *beep beep * A car filled with women around Mrs. Park's age parked in front of the house. "well I gotta get going my friends are waiting on me." Mrs. Park said and told us all the rules before leaving. "Please don't break my house, that's the most important rule. I'll send someone to check on you once in a while ok bye! " we were left in silence for a while not knowing what to do. I lead the girls to the room to drop of their things and change into something more comfortable. after that we all headed down stairs to join the boys. everyone was in their own little world play games of their choice. I sat in the corner trying to fall asleep and watch them at same time, not a very good plan but somehow it's going well so far. I opened and closed my eyes for a second, next thing I saw was Joy on top of the pool table ,she then said. "guys lets play a game together. " "that sounds nice! " Jin agreed "great idea! " everyone agreed joy looked over at me, I tried to pretend to be asleep but failed "girl you playing too. " Joy came over to me and dragged me to the middle. we all sat in a circle on the carpet. "how about we play truth or dare! " Hyeri suggested "No King! " Su suggested "how about we combine them. " Hana said everyone agreed with her

what's the game gonna be like? I wonder? look for that in the next chapter

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