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Let me start off by saying that this was one of the hardest things I've done in a while. It's nearly impossible to narrow my bias list to 15 but I did it! It'll probably be different next week but let's do this anyway. I was tagged by @staceyholley @KaiTakashima @Emealia and @gabbylu13 (I decided to countdown so I'm starting at 15)
15. LEE HOWON HOYA I just recently started listening to INFINITE so he’s new to the list.
14. CHOI JUNHONG ZELO The best absolute member in BAP. (see what I did there)
13. KANG YOUNG BRIAN BRIAN KANG/ YOUNG K My favorite bassist.He’s from Toronto
12. KANG DAESUNG DAESUNG One of my first biases ever!! I love him so much!
11. KUNPIMOOK BHUWAKUL BAMBAM He’s so adorable.1/3 of Got7’s AmeriThaiKong lol
10. LIM CHANGKYUN IM My first Monsta X bias.He’s the maknae and he speaks fluent English.
9. KIM JOONMYUN SUHO EXO’s leader and “Big Mama”Don’t mess with Mama’s babies bc he will attack!!
8. KIM JONGIN KAI My first EXO bias.I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about him that drives me crazy (in a good way).
7. KIM YUGYEOM YUGYEOM “The maknae that doesn’t look like the maknae” He’s an amazing dancer
6. DONG YOUNGBAE TAEYANG I love his eyes, nose, lips, everything! Lol
5. LEE JOOHEON JOOHEON DIMPLES!!! DIMPLES!!! DIMPLES!!! I looooooove his dimples. They’re perfect! The only hardcore rapper I know with killer aegyo.
4. IM JAEBUM JB GOT7’s sexy leader. He was my first Got7 bias but I fell more deeply in love after watching Dream Knight.
3. PARK CHANYEOL CHANYEOL *sigh* This one really snuck up on me. I tried to fight it but no one can resist the charms of this guy. He’s a rapper in EXO but his singing voice is perfection. I really wish he’d sing more in the group.
2. KIM TAEHYUNG V My sweet Tae! He was my very first bias. We’ve been together about 3 months now.
1. PARK JAEBUM JAY PARK This man…. I just.… and when he…. I was like….But yea! He is my ultimate bias. I’d marry him tomorrow if I could. No Questions Asked!!!!!!!!
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I think she's holding out for Jay Park.... Poor Tae 😔
@Helixx 😂😂😂he does that to you
@gabbylu13 @staceyholley We're all getting married. Did I forget to tell you? Polygamy 😂
That means you're moving to Utah which means we will able to hang out 😂😂
@staceyholley Lets meet up in Vegas 😂