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ok so I was watching BIGBANGs performance for the new year 2016 in china. and I noticed a tattoo on TaeYangs chest. now, unlike other tattoos that are obviously fake this one looks very real to me. anyone else feel like it's really real? or is this a fake tattoo as well? and if it's real what do you guys think it says??
I just found vingle and its nice to be welcomed :) not many people I know are as into BIGBANG and other k-pop bands like I am. its just nice getting to ask other's stuff ^_^
In Korea tattoo's aren't as accepted as they are in North America or the UK (They're considered "gangster" and alot of times on broadcasted shows they'll blur them out) And in the military you can't have visible tattoos that can't be covered by the uniform or you will also get rejected if you have to many (In the korean military). And Taeyang hasn't done his military services yet. Neither has GD thats why when GD first got his neck tattoo he covered it with turtlenecks, scarfs, growing out his hair, etc. As for the meaning of the passion tattoo im not positive on the entire meaning of it but Taeyang did say something regarding "passion" awhile back i'll try to find out exactly what he said for you :) (but if want to see the tattoo >>https://www.vingle.net/posts/1188344-%C2%B0%E2%80%A2%C2%B0%E2%80%A2Taeyang-s-Passion-%C2%B0%E2%80%A2%C2%B0%E2%80%A2)
lol no probably I'm just really addicted to my phone I feel like I'm always on it
@KwonOfAKind I didn't realize they frowned on tattoos in Korea. for the military but that makes sense, I knew they were going to join the military in the coming years as it's required. didn't realize that they could get in trouble for having tattoos tho... but thank you so much for the link to that card! seeing that tattoo fully is amazing. I love of it joins with his back/upper shoulders tattoo. thank you both again @lilbr0wneyes and @KwonOfAKind!!!!! you two were really helpful!!!
@kwonofakind you beat me to the punch on explaining that. Thank you for also including your old link I was actually going to find that same post to send @famle2
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