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ok so I was watching BIGBANGs performance for the new year 2016 in china. and I noticed a tattoo on TaeYangs chest. now, unlike other tattoos that are obviously fake this one looks very real to me. anyone else feel like it's really real? or is this a fake tattoo as well? and if it's real what do you guys think it says??
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I'll be sure to do that! I've been a fan of theirs for years, since Haru Haru (day by day). but when they spilt I didn't really follow them and now that they are back and I'm searching all this stuff I'm finding so much stuff that I hadn't known about before and finding variety shows and other stuff!
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@falme2 Its not as bad as it used to be though its gotten a lot better (they wont be seen on TV still) but if you go down the street with a tattoo most people wouldn't be like "banish them!!" the most disruption comes from the military. . . And its no problem if you have any question about anything dont be afraid to ask. Its nice to have you in the community ~(^.^)~
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@lilbr0wneyes Aww thanks, your pretty reliable too, besides you answered a lot quicker than I did. Thanks for helping being a great help in the community :D
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lol no probably I'm just really addicted to my phone I feel like I'm always on it
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I just found vingle and its nice to be welcomed :) not many people I know are as into BIGBANG and other k-pop bands like I am. its just nice getting to ask other's stuff ^_^
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