Welcome back to another installment of "Name That Hero"! The letter last time was "K", and Kid Deadpool finished it off.
◇♡♧♤ The letter will be "S" ♤♧♡◇ A couple basic rules: • The name has to start with "S", but it can be a public identity, secret identity, title, nickname, or code name. • It can be a superhero, hero (non-mutant, non-powered, simply human but acts heroically), or anti-hero. Villains will not count. • Manga characters will count, but please limit manga answers to a handful. This is a comic book community, but we do have a large manga following as well (and manga ARE comic books) and we do not want to exclude anyone. •Try to be specific; many characters share names or identities in various publications. *example: Enchantress (DC), Enchantress (Marvel) •Last commenter with a non-villain, previously unused answer wins! Good Luck!
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does that mean we have a winner? :D :D
@shannonl5 Sure...you want to make the next card? I'm not sure how much free time I'll have today. (the letter F)
@BeannachtOraibh sure! I should be able to tonight or tomorrow :D