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This was a great year. Meet a lot of people and had fun reading everyone's card's. I can't wait for another year and learning more about new people and what you post. Have a wonderful and safe year and hope you have amazing day with your friends and family
Can't wait till 2016. I wonder what will Anime bring for 2016 and Manga as well. Hope you all love the picture of what i added. No matter what happens I will always love my anime and manga all the way. Happy Year Eve Everyone!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥
Happy new year!!!
@shannonl5 thanks. you too happy new year
🌟。♥。😉。🍀 。🎁 。🎉。🌟 ✨。\|/。🌺 Happy New Year! 💜。/|\。💎 。☀。 🌹。🌙。 🌟。 😍。 🎶
@xxreacti0nxx Happy New Year's Eve.