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I have been learning Korean for a year now, thanks to this book.~~ I was curious if any one else uses it? It's a bit pricey, but it goes from beginner level to high level intermediate~~ I'm also willing to help people learn Korean :)
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@LenaBlackRose you are welcome ^.^ I will work on the card, and tag you in it after I finish my homework (I don't want to die by an angry mom xD)
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@AimeeH you are welcome ^.^ After I finish homework I will work on the card(s) I really don't want to die by an angry mom tbh xD I will create 3 cards tonight And a few tomorrow :3 I will be providing words for you guys to memorize and use And maybe at the end of each week or every other week I will give little quizzes? Quizzing is always a good way to see how far you are X)
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@evieern I completely understand! School first! I just graduated college so I know how important Homework is! No worries, and no rush! I really appreciate it, and that sounds like a plan to me!
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@evieern don't rush! no on wants an angry parent on them. plus hw is way more importnant
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I didn't get that one, but I'd be willing to learn with you. Not necessarily doing the same lessons, but we could review stuff together
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