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The only reason I have any of these is thanks to my cursed mother posted them on her facebook. And obviously I only picked the cutest ones ❤❤❤

Photos of me back from my Pre-Kpop life.

Almost a year after I was introduced to kpop (A friend introduced me to kpop around the same time EXO debuted) (First song I ever heard was SHINee's Lucifer )

From the beginning and middle of 2015

And yes, that is a Tinkerbell blanket. D o n ' t. J u d g e. M e. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 17 year old girl having a Tinkerbell blanket over her window.

Me now ❤

#3 is my best representation of Byun Baekhyun and Kim Taehyung
And on a good note, in a few hours it'll be my cat and I's 5 month anniversary ❤❤❤ That last picture is my sisters cat Belle Starr, which is actually my cats sister. The two shits are a beautiful mix breed of Tortoiseshell and Russian Blue, one just shows one breed more than the other. Yixing literally has orange and light brown highlights when he's in the direct sunlight. The first one was also that rare occasion when I wore my wolf era Kai shirt. hehe... Too lazy to pick certain individuals, so I just pasted my usual tag list. @thePinkPrincess @MalihaAhmed @QueenLele @MayraYanez @TiffanyBibian @BreeMassey @JessicaFigueroa @jjrockstar @DanaMichelle @HayleyEastman @TLeahEdwards @kpopandkimchi @HalimaOsman @minimanim3 @justcallmekyki @DekaraMiller @Mightmuffin @igotswag @AlittleJoy @heidichiesa @MyaIsNotSexy @AshleyAndino @OliviaZenger @AuraKyoshiro @DeyaniraEstrada @ReynadeKpop @Starbell808 @rmchapa15 @cue2pal @ladygdragon @MiKim000 @Konnor @CreeTheOtaku @Roxy1903 @IGot7Forever @SugaOnTop @KatMejia @KennedyMoser @KarenGuerra93 @nekochanjessica @GeetanjaliRao @EliseB @KellyOConnor @Vixxstarlight1 @EmilyPeacock @sarahdarwish @Ercurrent @SashaLove @Moose1998 @juliavip @bbyitskatie @sarahdarwish @Elena166 @BelencitaGarcia @megancurrent9 @AshleyAndino @Katherina2078 @JasmineGregory @Princess2328 @terenailyn @KpopQueen1 @maddiedo @LaynicornLay @NydiaEdwards @koinii @maddiedo
And only because I knew there would be questions about Torties, here ya go~ and while you're at it you can learn about Russian Blues as well~
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@Mightmuffin I do wear contacts, just not colored. I only wear colored ones for cosplaying~ and thank you~
2 years ago·Reply
Wow. Like all the comments your eyes are beautiful. And you are too! :)
2 years ago·Reply
I was tag so do I make an upgrade card too?
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopQueen1 Yes, if you want too that is. If you don't want to then you don't have too.
2 years ago·Reply
@DestineeLiu K I'll do it since I was a chosen one later though cause it's too late now lol
2 years ago·Reply