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This will contain part 3 and 4 to my fanfiction. If you don't want to be tagged please message me. MATURE CONTENT!

Here is the link to part 1 & 2.... If you want more comment below and I will continue to post them.

Part 3: Secrets Reviled

Jessamine was happy to see that Inuyasha was out of sight. She rushed on her path to her house. Yoshi is a little shit! How dare he blurt that out? It was between just the 3 of us. Suddenly a familiar hand grabbed her and pinned her to a tree. Inuyasha eyes were angry and confused. He didn't know whether to shake her or have his way with her. "What the hell was Yoshi talking about? A baby? Tell me he had to be kidding." Inuyasha said. "Who the fuck do you think you are Inuyasha? You just think you are gonna waltz up in here and demand shit? I don't even know why you are here. Get off me!" Jessamine said. "Don't you talk to me like that. Tell me Jessamine." Inuyasha says. Jessamine turns her heard and looks the other way. She mumbled something under her breath. "What Jessamine?" "I said I fucking hate you!" Jessamine eyes were filled with tears. "You break my heart and leave me with questions and then show up asking about our dead child! Do you know for the passed 2 years I've tried killing myself everyday? I scrubbed my skin until I was raw to get your scent off of me! You have some fucking nerve!" She pushed him off her. "I'm going home." Inuyasha was silent. He had no idea she was in such pain. "Baby, I'm sorry I didn't know you went through all this stuff. I left to kill a female demon. She threatened to kill you and breaking up with you was the only way to save you. I knew you would follow me if I told you." His eyes began to become filled with tears. "I thought about you the whole. I kept this with me all the way. He showed her a locket with a picture of him and her. "You might hate me but I love you and always will." Jessamine faced him and threw herself in his chest and began sobbing. She let go of all the pain she held within. His chest was drenched with her tears. He held her tight and kissed her head. "Let it all go. I'm here to stay baby." ******************** Jessamine hands shook as she poured him some tea. She sat down next to him. "I guess I do owe you an explanation. Do you remember the last battle we had, you, Yoshi, Sesshomaru, and Azumi? When we all fought that demon Kinshee?" "Yes." Inuyasha said while sipping his tea. "Well after that battle two days before you broke up with me I lost the baby from battle. I had no idea I was pregnant." Inuyasha paused thinking about that hard blow Jessamine took to the stomach when blocking him from an attack and all the spiritual energy she used. "You mean to tell me you had no idea?" "No I didn't know. I mean I know we were having sex...a lot..but....I know it sounds stupid. But we did use some condoms each time. I had bought a bunch from home in the future before the elders sealed the path way connecting our worlds." "Not the last three time Jessamine." Inuyasha mumbled while blushing. "What you lied to me. You said you put it on. Inuyasha." Jessamine bit her lip. "Ah I forgot." He blushed scratched his head. " So everyone knew except for me?" Inuyasha asked while playing with her hand. "I was going to tell you that day....when you broke up with me." Jessamine rolled her eyes."Luckily, I didn't. Besides I wasn't to far long. I think I was just 3 weeks." "We could always try again baby." Inuyasha blushed Jessamine's face with his lips and then he kissed her deeply. "We are not even together Inuyasha." "Well, will you be mine...more than a girlfriend. I want you to be my wife." He began kissing her neck. "I've been waiting so long..." Jessamine paused. This is too much. Just last night I was trying to drown myself and now my love is asking me to be his for real... "Baby don't make me wait any longer. I need your answer." Inuyasha groaned while bitting her ear. "Yes Inuyasha." He began kissing all over her neck. He ran his fangs across her collar bone. Jessamine gasped as she ran her hands across his back. He ripped off her Kimono and began sucking her breasts while rubbing her through her blue panties. Damn she's already damp... She moaned as she pulled off his attire. Then began playing with his puppy dog ears. He ran his nose across her panties. "Damn you smell so good." He ripped off her panties and began attacking her womanhood with his mouth. Jessamine was moaning loudly as she ran her hands through his long white hair. Her moans were turning him on. He entered two digits into her while slightly curving his fingers causing Jessamine to squeal. "You are so tight. This is all mine." He growled while reducing to using just one finger. Jessamine knew his wild attack would about to make her go insane. She pushed him off of her. He growled and pounced on her. She could see the intensity in his eyes. Imma be sore... Inuyasha placed her on all four. He admired her rear end. He smacked her on her butt. "You need to be punished for playing games love." "Yass Papi punish me." She growled. He missed her calling him that. She was one of a kind and no one in his world would have a woman like her. He entered her from behind. Jessamine moaned as she felt her body adjust to him. He began stroking her with out mercy. They both moaned loudly in pleasure. He reached his hand around to her clit as he pumped her. She took his had and make his spank her hood. Damn she a freak...I love it. She feels so good.... Inuysha placed her in missionary position. He deeply kissed her as he slowly made love to her. "I love you Jessamine." He plunged deeper into her. "I love you too Papi." Jessamine said while bitting his dog ears. " I love it when you call me that. Call me that again." Inuyasha moaned. "Papi...te amo..Papi.. por sienpre...forever." She moaned He began to pick up speed. He was lost inside her. He was part of her. He knew he would never love another. Suddenly, his eyes glowed red and he bit down hard on her collar bone as he came inside her. He could taste her fresh blood. Jessamine came to him exploding and biting her. He laid on top of her. Both were breathing hard. "Baby are you okay?" He looked at her. "Yeah I'm great." She grinned. Jessamine began licking on his ears. She loved his ear. He moaned as he felt himself stiffening again. He ran his hand across her healing wound. "I must love you. I marked you." Inuyasha said while moaning as Jessamine continued licking his ears and stroking his memeber. "You better jerk!" Jessamine growled "Round 2?" Inuyasha grinned and sat her on top of him. "Show papi you know what to do." "No problem." Jessamine said.

Part 4: Royal Bath

It has been about a year after Inuyasha's and Jessamine's wedding. They didn't have any kids yet though. They both wanted to enjoy their marriage and have children later. She enjoyed the castle and not fighting like the old days. Inuyasha told Jessamine that she will no longer be on the battlefield. Jessamine was in the royal bath enjoying herself. The castle had an indoor hot bath. It reminded Jessamine of the indoor pools that her and her friends from her world had parties around during the summer. Only differences was that this bath did not have different levels. The water was about 4 feet all around and the bath was made of some type of gold. It screamed royalty. Some of her right had servants stood around in the area to keep an eye on her. Jessamine didn't see them as servants, but more like friends. They appreciated how Jessamine spoke to them and treated them with dignity. Jessamine was day dreaming about the wedding. She never seen so many flowers. The food was great and she loved her wedding dress. Sesshomaru was weird like always, but The Great Dog General was so sweet. He was happy to have a daughter. It was super emotional because Jessamine did not have her family with her and Inuyasha mom was not present since she passed away 5 years ago. Yep we will be together forever. Shitting on our haters. She laughed at herself. ********* Inuyasha was in the bedroom looking for Jessamine. Where is my wife? He awoke with her not by his side and he was going loco. He hated awaking to find her either not in their bathroom or right next to him. He looked at one of his servants. " Where is my wife? You must know?" "Prince Inuysha she is in the royal bath. I believe she just steeped in." The male servant said. Inuyasha grinned and quickly took off to the royal bath. The thought of her all wet and not expecting him drove him insane. I guess I will punish her later for not being by my side this morning. He licked his lips just thinking about what he would do to her. As he approached the royal bath he could hear light chatter and light splashes of water. Jessamine scent and mixed with cheery blossom filled his nose. He loved that smell. However, his smile dropped when he seen Sesshomaru watching Jessamine from an angle where no one could see him. Sesshomaru had a wicked look on his face as he enjoyed watching Jessamine naked in the royal bath. His eyes were locked on her. He was too drowned in the view he didn't hear or sense Inuysha approach him. "What the fuck are you looking at creep? Inuyasha hissed while grabbing Sesshomaru's arm. He didn't want to alarm anyone. "Get your fucking hands off me half breed. This is my home as well I can look at what I please." Sesshomaru says back. "Look here you big ass dog. Jessamine is my wife. She is my mate! That ass belongs to me and I better not see you look at her like that again." Inuyasha eyes turned red. "Oh when did I began taking demands from you little brother." Sesshomaru grinned and patted Inuyasha's head. "You are gonna do what to me? Nothing you brat." Sesshomaru says while smiling. "I will kill you if I think you are stroking yourself to the thought of my wife." Inuyasha said while pushing him. Sesshomaru laughed. He brushed off his kimono. "Remember your place half breed little brother." He laughed and vanished. Inuyasha took 5 seconds to calm down. He was glad that no one was a witness to what just occurred. He fixed his robe and walked into the royal bath area. Jessamine grinned and playful splashed water. "Well so here is my beautiful wife.. sneaking away from me." "I didn't want to wake you Papi." He looked at the servants. "Leave his be and close the doors." They quickly followed orders. Inuyasha took off his robe and slowly walked into the warm bath. The water felt good against his skin. He grabbed his wife from behind and hugged her. She giggled and softly pushed him away. He grabbed her wrist and pulled him to his lips. "You can't get away." Inuyasha says in a low tone while grinning. "Catch me if you can you old fart." Jessamine says while breaking free and running in the bath. Inuyasha ran after her. Jessamine quickly used her water powers and made a wall with the bath water. "You are cheating Jazz." Inuyasha says. Jessamine laughed and she let the water wall down. Inuyasha forgot she had unique powers. He hoped their children would inherit them. Inuyasha grabbed her a pushed her up against the wall of the bath. "What's mine?" Inuyasha says while smiling. Jessamine took his hands and placed it on her face and her neck. "This is.." She says in a innocent tone. Then she moved his hands to her breasts and then her stomach. "This is.." Then she moved his hands down to her legs and outer thighs while brushing her feet against his legs. "This is..." They seem ran his hands across her butt. "This too.." Then she took his hand and placed it in between her legs. She put her lips to his ears "Oh and definitely this. Everything here is yours just like everything there (she places her hands on him) is mine." Inuyasha smiled and licked his lips. His hand was still where his wife left it. Jessamine moaned as her slowly plunged his two fingers inside her. Jessamine could feel herself expand. "Just one." She gasped. "No you get two. You were naughty today. Making me worry." Inuyasha whispered in her ear. "And your right about what's mine." Jessamine bit her lip. She continued to moan. Inuyasha used the other hand to grab and smack her butt. "Look at me. Let me see your pretty face." Inuyasha groaned. Jessamine looked him straight into his amber eyes. He lived the faces ahe was making. It was driving him wild. He picked her up and quickly entered her with his manhood stretching her wider. Jessamine squealed. "Inuyasha shit..." She groaned. Inuyasha moaned to the feeling of Jessamine warm tight woman cave. She was so wet and he wasn't gonna show her any mercy. He began fucking her hard. He loved the sound of the water splashing. "What you supposed to call me?" He said while licking the mate mark on her collar bone. " feels so fucking good." She moaned. He put her down and bent her over. He began attacking her from behind and pulling her wet hair. He was moaning out of control and so was Jessamine. He began teasing her clit with his fingers and he pounder her harder. Jessamine knew she was going to be sore, but she loved it. Sometimes ahe would do stuff to pissed him off so he would fuck her like this. Sesshomaru was in the shadows listening. He could hear everything with his super knee hearing. She thinks that great...I could make her insane. She was a fool to pick Inuyasha as her husband. "I'm coming." They both groaned in unison. Inuyasha pulled her onto him as he deposited his royal seeds into her. Jessamine almost feel into the water. Her organism made her legs give out. Inuyasha barley caught her. He was weak too. They sat on the steps on the bath. Jessamine was sitting on Inuyasha's lap while facing him. She giggled. "Baby, I should make you upset more often." She kissed his forehead. "No you shouldn't. Next time you won't be able to walk." Inuyasha laughed.
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