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Upgrade Challenge!!

This was little ole, nerdy me back in elementary. Sooo embarrassing, and I was teased a lot. But, that's a story for another day.
That embarrassing freshman year phase, that sorta lasted til the beginning of sophomore year. Yes, year is an Exo hat...don't judge
ME now!! I honestly don't think I've changed much, but whateves. die-hard otaku and Kpop lover. Anybody else with me?
SHAMELESS PROMOTING: Everybody, this is a Kpop group called Purfles!! They are undeniably talented, seriously underrated, and I wish the best for my girls,so please, when if you don't have the time. CHECK THEM OUT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! I GUARANTEE IT!!
That's about all I have to offer, I won't tag any specific people, because I believe everyone skills have the chance to take part. Is there anybody out there, who loves not leaving the house and drinking hot chocolate as much as I do? Let's have a serious Convo... BYE BYE!!
@parktaemi Thank you
you're welcome @DanaMichelle
cute ๐Ÿ˜Š
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