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Thanks to @ARMYstarlight for tagging me in her card and i guess i will do this. 1) V was my first bias in bts but when i saw dope mv and i heared suga rap he just had my heart at that point
2) Again chanyeol was my first bias in Exo but then i watched Exo showtime i just fell in love with him.
3) If you haven't already seen that i like rappers so that makes Zelo even more handsome but i also like the others too.
4) His just a mix of Fluff and sexiness all in one like he can act all sexy then he can act all cute and childish.
5) When i first got into kpop i did listen to girl groups but i never thought of having a girl bias but then i saw amber and i was like omg she has to be in my list.
6) This cute fluff ball he can make anybody's day just by smiling and that is one of the things i love about him also he act so childish.
7) Even thought his not with Exo anymore i just fell for his voice also he was the rapper in Exo-m
8) I don't even remember him in bias list but now he is like I'm going to be on this list and i guess i will allow it.
9) An other fluff ball he can make me smile in seconds also he a rapper.
10) His just so cute and when he sings...i just die every time.
11) When i listen to big bang he was the one i always look at other than G-dragon but G-Dragon is my bias in big bang i just have a special place for him.
12) When i hear i like 2 party i was like i have to find more about him and then now his here.
13) His the mother of the group and his funny to me and he just so handsome like who doesn't like his face.
@Armystarlight @Kpopfanboy @AimeeH thank you *bows* and baekhyun is also one of my bias but he isn't in the list
@TiffanyBibian Haha you are definitely not alone dear!! πŸ˜‚
that bias list is dayum my soul just left my body lol
@AimeeH πŸ˜‚ thanks i don't feel alone
@TiffanyBibian I know that feeling. I bias Suho as well, but he wasn't on mine. Also, Hobi!! Omg!
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