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Hey Amigos it is time to turn up. Yes it's the eve of the 1st but this is also the last Thorsday of 2015. More to come next year. So...I sat down with my hubby Thor and I asked him what were his goals for 2016.

First goal.....

Continue to be WORTHY! He never want to revisit this part of his life ever again.

Second goal....

Remain sexy lol. Yass boo!

Third goal....

Build his relationship with his brother Loki. This is what Thor told me... "Loki should proud to have a brother as great as I" SMH

Goal four...

Spend more times with amigos

Goal five....

Continue to make me...his wife happy lol!

What are some of your goals for 2016?

@amobigbang I'm on a self improvement move but Thor must stay sexy for many years to go!
Lol Thor's def gonna stay sexy XD for me I always pick my resolutions late.... like in March. So maybe my first resolution is to come up with them sooner
@KokoroNoTakara good luck with that
Don't know other than lose 150lbs