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OKAY let me say it took me awhile to make this card.. like I literally had to sit down and think hard who I was going to put down (except Yoongi I mean cmon thats ult bae lol) but because I have sooooo many bias on my list its crazy xD but here ya gooo~
1.) BTS SUGA My Ultimate bias. The first one I set my eyes on... My everything :) My swaggy pooh xD Adorable He's a great rapper
2.) BTS RAP MONSTER Sexy brainz *because he's sexy and hella smart haha He is a awesome leader xD Amazing and sweet person He can rap & sing! my gawd xD
3.) GOT7 YUGYEOM This giant maknae makes this noona so happy every time she see him lol He's tall and sexy and loveable as ever!! I just wanna hug the life out of him xD
4.) EXO D.O Gosh.. you are just SO FREAKIN ADORABLE & SQUISHY!!!! CUTENESS OVERRRRLOADDD!!! xD ^____^ lol Kyungsoo has an amazing voice, I love hearing him sing. He's such a sweetheart.
5.) BTS J-HOPE My hope <3 One of my favorite rappers One of the sweetest guys you'll ever know super cute!!
6.) VIXX KEN Handsome, amazing singer, and he's funny!
7.) EXO CHANYEOL The happy virus :D so adorable and loveable Great rapper He's tall too <3
8.) WINNER MINO Sexy Dope ass rapper (:
9.) UNIQ YIBO Sexy Good dancer & singer/rapper
10.) EXO XIUMIN 100% ADORABLE Very talented :)
11.) BLOCK B KYUNG Man I love him! he's so cute and I love the way he raps
12.) VIXX RAVI He be too turnt up in the mvs lol love him cute self :)
13.) INFINITE WOOHYUN Handsome Amazing singer <33
14.) EXID JUNGHWA She's really pretty Good dancer/singer same age as me ^_^
15.) EXID L.E Mann this is ma girl right here! she's so cool I love her ^_^ she's like one of the best female rappers in kpop <3 I love her voice too haha
@Ercurrent same haha
This is probably weird but I absolutely love chanyeol's ears. They stick out and I think it's totally adorable.
Oml I don't know how I'm gonna narrow down my bias list to 15 😭😭😭😁😁😁 the task itself is like asking to choose my favorite food, and I like ALL FOOD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
exactly lol @xXYGXx