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First I want to say Happy New Years to all. This will be my last Vingle card of 2015. Let's welcome 2016 with Food Wars. Let's start with the winner of the Soma vs. Brock Food War. The winner is...
SOMA from FOOD WARS!!! Soma will be going against the winner of the Sebastian vs Ban Food War which is...
SEBASTION from BLACK BUTLER!!! Soma and Sebastian will be facing each other for the first Food War of 2016! Cast your votes now! Vote for your favorite chef! And remember those you eat together, win together! Remember your friends and the dishes you all shared. Keep them in your hearts for 2016. NAKAMA FOR LIFE!!!
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Soma you have to remember that it is a one on one curl has no part in this battle
Soma, sure they've both induced exquisite delight in those they've cooked for, Sebastian arguably even foodgasms, but they are not foodgasms on the same level, not only that Soma does it to professional chefs, whereas Sebastain does it to nobility, impressive sure, but not the same level as the insane chefs of Soma's world. Also, Sebastian has access to incredibly high quality ingridients, while Soma uses cheap, basic ingridients... so Soma.
soma....though I love both equally
But if Sebastian was ordered by ciel, he would win hands down