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~~Sehun finally got Jongin alone and he was slowly starting his plan~~ "Aish! I wont ever get this move right!" Sehun said trying not to smirk. "You will get it right soon, you just have to keep practicing!" Jongin said walking to the corner of the Studio to sit down for a bit. ~~Sehun knew this was the right time to trap him~~ Sehun walked over and puts his arms on the sides of Jongin so he couldnt escape. Sehun licked his lips and moved closer to Jongin face. Jongin pushed him away but Sehun didnt budge. "Get off me!" He said raising his voice still pushing on his chest. "Shh..Quiet!" Sehun said grabbing onto Jongin's wrist tightly. "What are you doin-" He was cut off by Sehun who kissed him. Jongin moved his head away from him but Sehun grabbed both of the wrist in one hand so he could make Jongin face him again. "You know I wanted you since we met but you always rejected me so you could be with Kyungsoo!" Sehun snapped. Sehun could feel pain grow on his cheek. Jongin finally got out of Sehun's grip and slapped him. Jongin pushed him back causing Sehun to hit the floor with a thud. Jongin took the chance to run out of the studio. He got in a cab and got home. His heart pounding he swung the door up. Relieved he was home. He walked to Kyungsoo and his room. He locked the door behind feeling save seeing Kyungsoo half asleep half awake since he was waiting for Jongin to get back. Jongin kissed his lips softly and got some comfy clothes on when Kyungsoo pulled him down by him and snuggled up against him. Jongin smiled. The smile slowly turned into a frown thinking of what happened early. He couldnt sleep. He faced Kyungsoo and kissed his forehead. Kyungsoo opened one of his eyes and kissed him back. Jongin wrapped his arms around Kyungsoo and pulls his close. "I love you" He whispered into Kyungsoo's ear before falling asleep. I hope you like Part 5!! ❤ Part 6 will be up slowly! If you want to be tagged in future fanfics let me know!
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Sehun why??????