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We are a third of the way through the NBA season and it has been an amazing ride since day one.
The Warriors have been on a historic tear. At the moment, they only have two losses and if they continue to play at a high level they may break the 96 Bulls regular season win record. Kevin Durant and Paul George are back from major injuries and are playing at a high level as well.
Below is my list of players for the trimester awards in 2016.
MVP of the First Trimester: Paul George, Pacers
Most Improved of the First Trimester: C.J. McCollum, Trail Blazers
Coach of the First Trimester: Luke Walton, Warriors
Defensive Player of the First Trimester: Kawhi Leonard, Spurs

Who would you choose for your trimester award winners?

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I agree with giving Kawhi Leonard the defensive player! He has been awesome for the Spurs. And...I would give the MVP to Curry instead of Paul George.