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Hi there guys Haidurr here it's been a while I've made a card but I've been busy with a lot of stuff. But it's new years eve so why not make a card of my ten favorite shows of the year!

Number 10 Himouto Umaru Chan

This show is really cute and hilarious with a lot of references and a kinda relatable character

Number 9 Overlord

This is honestly the only game anime I like. The Main character gets stuck and the game but is the only person stuck and he's op as fuck. I totally recommend this show

Number 8 Assassination Classroom

This show is so great it's about a group of students that are basically the laughing stocks of the school that are separated from others due to grades. well a really fast octopus man blows up the moon and it's up to the students to assassinate him crazy thing is he's their teacher.

Number 7 Rokka No Yuusha

This show is super pretty with an art style that reminds me of fire emblem. The story is about six chosen people named braves that are to save the world from the demon king there's only one problem there's 7 people saying they're braves so the show is about finding the fake it's really nice.

Number 6 School Live

Moe girls having fun honestly I can't give much to the plot just watch this show

Number 5 Working!!!

Season 3 to one of my favorite shows Working!! a show about the shenanigans that go on at the family restaurant Wagnaria I totally recommend the show

Number 4 One Punch Man

Please no hate I understand yeah it's a good show but to me it wasn't the best I know it's good because of the predictable humor but I read it and kinda wanted more from it I guess but don't get me wrong it is one of the best shows of this year just not my favorite. No plot explanation need guy kills things in one punch

Number 3 Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

The real monster harem of 2015 this so is freaking hilarious. Its about a guy who sucks at keeping secrets.well said guy has a crush on chick so guy goes to confess. when guy goes to confess sees wings sprout from chick. chick=Vampire. vampire chick is all like now I have to leave you know my secret. Guy is like no I'll keep your secret. the rest you'll have to find out. This show is one of the funniest this year with a great cast of characters.

Number 2 Osomatsu San

Funny show about sixtuplets it has a lot of crude humor and a shit ton references I totally recommend it! Oh yeah and an all-star cast.

Number 1 JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Season 2

An epic conclusion to an epic series just watch JoJo cuz there's a lot of stuff I have to explain trust me you won't regret it
Well that's my top 10 of the year Imma start being more active starting today continuing my waifu Wednesday starting next Wednesday see y'all then And Happy New Year my dudes @VinMcCarthy
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Definetly checking out some of these when Spring Break comes around! 😁