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Okay so these are mine. 1. Lose weight since I eat way to much, I need to calm my self. 2. Work in school harder for my back up plan. 3. Get back into boxing. 4. practice on my dancing and get into the dance academy 5. finish learning korean. And my biggest one is 6. Practice my singing, make the videos, send in the audition and wait for the email. These were hard to come up with since im lazy and always behind my desk. Tagging who tagged me. @VKookie47
if I get accepted, here I come seoul!!
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woahhh! i hope u get accepted!!! ill be cheering for u wherever u go! 😄
@JackieG1617 thank you very much
Wow good luck, I know you can do it and I really hope you get accepted!!! And if you do go to Seoul I hope you run into your bias😆😆
@VKookie47 thank you so much