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Now this is a little challenge I did on a different app a while back. So I figured it would be a fun thing to do while wait for midnight. And its my excuse to not participate in the family activity that's taking place right now. Anywho~ Here's mine~ Day6 EXO SHINee TopTeen Infinite Nu'est Eric Nam EXID Bangtan Boys Red Velvet Epik High Ailee Nine Muses N-Train EVOL Seventeen U-Kiss ZE:A Amber Liu Nicole Jung N.Flying EVE LEDapple. (I know their Ledt now, but they'll forever be LEDapple in our hearts) iKon UNIQ Now its your guys turn~ No cheating~! @thePinkPrincess @MalihaAhmed @QueenLele @MayraYanez @TiffanyBibian @BreeMassey @JessicaFigueroa @jjrockstar @DanaMichelle @HayleyEastman @TLeahEdwards @kpopandkimchi @HalimaOsman @minimanim3 @justcallmekyki @DekaraMiller @Mightmuffin @igotswag @AlittleJoy @heidichiesa @MyaIsNotSexy @AshleyAndino @OliviaZenger @AuraKyoshiro @DeyaniraEstrada @ReynadeKpop @Starbell808 @rmchapa15 @cue2pal @ladygdragon @MiKim000 @Konnor @CreeTheOtaku @Roxy1903 @IGot7Forever @SugaOnTop @KatMejia @KennedyMoser @KarenGuerra93 @nekochanjessica @GeetanjaliRao @EliseB @KellyOConnor @Vixxstarlight1 @EmilyPeacock @sarahdarwish @Ercurrent @SashaLove @Moose1998 @juliavip @bbyitskatie @sarahdarwish @Elena166 @BelencitaGarcia @megancurrent9 @AshleyAndino @Katherina2078 @JasmineGregory @Princess2328 @terenailyn @KpopQueen1 @maddiedo @LaynicornLay @NydiaEdwards @koinii @maddiedo
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Seventeen Apink NU'EST Amber Liu AlphaBat im only doing my first name cuz my last is too hard
2 years ago·Reply
@catchyacrayon thanks! You did pretty fantastic as well.
2 years ago·Reply
Seventeen Apink Minho AlphaBat NU'EST TVXQ HyunA Ailee Se7en AOA Nine Muses CN Blue History EXID Zion T This is mine. it's pretty long, so yeah
2 years ago·Reply
Oh gracious I'll try and tag you in it!
2 years ago·Reply
Oh lol thx @catchyacrayon
2 years ago·Reply