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Six years after it asked America who the best athletes of all-time were, the leader of the pack at the top of the Harris Poll remains the same.
People across the globe still see Michael Jordan as the best athlete of all-time.
Jordan was once again on top of the survey, followed by Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali, who each moved up one spot from their 2009 rankings. Tiger Woods, who in 2009 held the No. 2 spot, fell to No. 8. Rounding out the top five were Serena Williams, who wasn't ranked six years ago, and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who jumped from No. 8 to No. 5.LeBron James swapped spots with Wayne Gretzky, with James moving up to No. 7 and Gretzky falling to No. 10. Tom Brady made his first appearance on the list at No. 9.

Is Micheal Jordan the greatest athlete of all-time?

hmm I guess people never heard of the Babe.. who outperformed entire teams of his era.. of course MJ was great but no one will ever replace Babe Ruth as best athlete ever for me..
For me, MJ is always at the top.
Yeah MJ was definitely the greatest athlete of all time because he knew how to be a team player
oh would go Ali but Jordan up there def
Damn near
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