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First of all Happy New year to all of you beautiful people!!!! i have a feeling that 2016 will mark one of our best anime year yet!!! There's so much squeals and new anime coming!!! i thought that i inform you of some of the main ones so far!!!! Get excited!!! in Japan the new year marks a new start so enjoy your new year and have an amazing fun filled/ anime watching 2016!!

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!! also for you guys who don't know our new and awesome moderator is @VinMcCarthy !!!!!! Happy new year and congrats!!!!

Ok so here's some of the new awesome anime that will be coming in 2016!!!! sorry if i do not put one on here that your excited for this is just a list of main ones that i believe you guys will be excited for!!!

Finally after so much time we get more D-Gray man!!!!!! this is a wonderful anime that so far has over 100 episodes but got cut short but now finally in 2016 there's more!!! If you haven't watched this anime yet i highly recommend it!!

Tokyo Ghoul RE:!!!!!! honestly this is probably one of the main ones that im waiting for!!!!!! this will be the 3rd season of Tokyo ghoul!!!!! and let me tell you Tokyo Ghoul is one of my most favorite anime ever!!!! Tokyo Ghoul made such an impact in 2014 that in 2015 it received a second season!!! and now a third!!!!Watch now if you haven't seen it its awesome!!

Season 3 of Noragami???? this has not been officially announced but there's been rumors that a 3rd season will air in 2016!!! the recent ending of season 2 left fans wondering and gave room for another season!!! this is a great anime and those of you who have not see this anime yet i recommend watching it its a great anime with good animation and story!!!

Attack on titan season 2!! Finally another season!!! this anime is extremely great and has an amazing story!!! this anime will have a season 2 in 2016!! im sure youve heard of attack on titan like Tokyo ghoul it made a big impact to the anime world but in 2013!! if you havent seen this anime i recommend watching it!!

Durarara!!×2 Ketsu !!! Durarara or drrrr is an awsome anime series that has 3 seasons so far!!! im extremely excited for Durarara×2 Ketsu only problem fro the durarara fans this will be the final durarara season..... sad as it is i highly recommend watching!! great anime with well detailed characters!!

Assassination classroom season 2 2016!! there will be a second season !!! i haven't watched the first season yet but ive heard many great things about this anime so give it a try!!!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime second season!!

This anime is cute and has a great manga also!!! i honesty love this anime! its a sweet romance/adventure anime!!!

Theres Many more animes but heres some of the bulk ones!!! anyway enjoy!!and have a merry new year!!

@tayhar18920 alright cool I guess I just have to wait 😊
They haven't announced a date yet only that's it's coming in spring 2016 @ebethoven
@ebethoven not sure I believe it would start after itachi killed all of the uchiha and shows what he's been trough up until joining the akutksi..honestly I don't know for a fact but that seems to be what it's about..then again on the cover preview it had itachi in a Abu black oops uniform😅
so much awesomeness 2016 gonna be one hell of a year 🙌
sounds like it's gonna be interesting.do you know when the release date for it is ?
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