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《 15 BIASES IN 2015 》


Honestly? It seems more like 'let's watch Morgan pull her hair out and feel shameful for not listing Korean boys and girls she has never met and probably will never meet on a list of biases for the year in which she first got into kpop.' ALSO KNOWN AS:


This was no jams. Please do not attempt at home without an adult.
( I am an adult but I need another adult to stop me from ripping my eyes and hair out. HOW DO BIAS. )


As my ultimate bias, it's no surprise that this little bugger from Seventeen comes in at number one. I honestly don't know when it was that I allowed this 17 year old MENACE to ruin me the way he has, but it happened. He is absolutely the light of my life and I haven't even gotten to meet him yet. I think about him everyday and wish the best for him and ALL of Seventeen in general and I'm so fiercely protective of him and I just have so much love in the world for this monster. His smile and his laugh and his big ol diva heart that has so much love for his family and his eomma especially - well - they hit home with me and give me so much hope. I connect with him on so many things and I love that he can make anyone smile. He also is a mega cutie with a booty and a voice like silk. But that is besides the point. I don't know if I will ever meet him, honestly, but he's always in my heart.


This beauty from HIGH4 is my number two. He's not only a bias, but a husband. I fell for his perpetual #SAME face he makes and his laugh and his rapping and just about everything about him. He has that quiet bad guy vibe going for him but he isn't an asshole and so it just all works out well for him. I don't understand how he grew on me so fast, like most of my biases, but he sure did just that. Plus - he's got the hip action to do some great girl group dances. He may seem stiff and standoffish but he loves to smile and have fun with his group. He and all the others are just a bunch of bubbly boys who are also idols. He never fails to make me swoon when he smiles or laughs and I don't know how I live without him. I'm just waiting to meet him so we can exchange vows. True story.

#3 - ‎Lù Hán

This ex EXO member ( too soon? ) now full time wrecker made my top 5 / my top 3. I didn't get the luxury to know him well while he was in EXO considering he had left a year prior to me joining kpop, but when Chelsea introduced me into the group, he was my bias anyways. I do know him and follow him as a solo artist and actor now, though, and I can safely say he is still hella important to me. I was so tempted to not put a picture of him up but instead put up the video to his song 'Lu'. ( I am so sorry to disappoint you guys who have not heard it yet. Go listen to it pronto. ) This guy is ridiculous. He fits the title of chihuahua on crack perfectly and is always ALWAYS making me smile and also shake my head. I don't think any of us ever know what to expect with him but he's my flower prince and a major cutie and so I'm strangely okay with it.


I hate typing this because I honest to God stan all of GOT7 but since it would cripple me putting all of them on here individually . . . I had to choose 1/2 of my original biases.


I didn’t typo, don't worry. I call him Sunjae because he's got a sunshine smile and personality and he's golden and warm. This boy stole my heart right off the bat with his laughter and positivity. He's easily one of the most influencing factors that keep me happy from day to day. When I'm sad? Sunjae. When I'm happy? Sunjae. He has worked so hard to be where he is now and has come so far as a vocalist. He loves his groupmates and never fails to make them smile. And I can smile knowing he's so good to them and with them. I love him so much. I hope he is doing well.


Sealing off my top 5 is none other than the BTS Pink Princess and top eomma himself. BTS holds a special place in my heart and like GOT7, I cannot honestly say I bias JUST one or two members. They were the first group I learned by heart and on my own and Taehyung and Seokjin were the sole reasons ( until, of course, they all stole my heart. ) I absolutely love Jin's personality and even though his looks are a bonus, I favor him for his positive outlook and big heart. He cares so much about being a person who ARMY and his Bangtan family can be proud of. He also takes care of the members and although nobody can lasso 95z + Jungkook, he doesn't much mind joining in with their shenanigans sometimes. Let's not forget how much sass lives right under that polite smile. He's easily the diva of the group. ( And I love that about him. )


I don't even have the words for this right now. I honestly don't know how to properly describe how he even got to be a bias for UP10TION because I tried so hard not to bother with biases that were so young! But his voice and his dancing and his infectious smile and golden heart caught me up and branded me with his name. We don't talk about how he just turned 17 early this month. We just don't. Just how we don't talk about his abs and the fact his bottom lip is super plump and kissable I just . . . we don't talk about it. OKAY ON TO THE NEXT.


Double trouble from UP10TION comes in the form of Xiao and Kogyeol. Let me be honest with you all here since it is nearing the end of 2015 and I want to be more upfront in 2016. At first, I didn't think I'd ever get into this group. I loved their choreography but the song So, Dangerous didn't catch my attention with my first watch. Trying to give them a proper shot, I watched their ASC and as they were showing off for the viewers, Kogyeol did a little heart dance and stole mine. Ever since, he and the punk before him have made my life hell with their cheeky smiles. Kogyeol is such a happy guy - always smiling with his younger members - and he is part of one of my favorite ships in the group. Kogyeol and Kuhn for life, man. For. Life.


My love from the same star - Moos Moos baby. He is my MADTOWN sweetums. Known for buying his members clean clothes and food but being unable to handle them, he's the honorary daddy and leader - he also is known for stealing my heart. He's a shorty but a cutie and his rapping? Slay me. When he's on screen I can't form coherent sentences. I may or may not be looking at videos right now. So if this portion of the card doesn't make sense? You know. Moos is also super funny - he and his fellow members make up one of the most rambunctious groups I've ever come to know. From trying to fight their manager to trying to fight each other, the fun doesn't end with these boys. But I thank God for him and the rest of them anyways.


I don't even want to talk about him. But I guess I will. What a little shit. That's all. Oaky, but seriously. This guy was originally my only bias in Monsta X but then another ( whose dimples are OUT OF THIS WORLD ) showed up and ruined me. There's not much he can do that won't make my heart skip but my favorite thing about him is his aegyo! I love how he changes Gwiyomi to Kihyuni to fit his name and no matter how many times he denies it, he is definitely the baby of the group. He tries to act cute and falls cute ( according to the others ) and is just a walking cute OVERLORD. I can dig it.


*chokes* WHAT? Don't look at me. I had to. No, really.


Okay, I didn't, but who wouldn't? If you couldn't already tell, Wonshik and his body are easily the last of my top ten biases. I was lucky enough to stumble upon VIXX on my own as well and fell head over heels for them with Error. It was my first video of theirs I watched and still remains one of my favorite eras. This boy has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard and is sweetly tsundere-ish. Behind his hard stage presence is a smiley little button who just wants to poke fun at Taekwoon and be cute. And don't get me started on his rapping. Seriously, don't. I'll never finish this card.


I don't think I have enough room to tell all of you how in love I am with ALL of TWICE. So, I'll try and express my love for Momo with a poem. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Momo is beautiful and she is my waifu. This girl is sent from heaven itself to bless me with her goofy smile and excellent dancing. They don't nickname her the DANCE MACHINE for nothing. She can copy almost any boy group dance to a t and sometimes even B E T T E R. I am in love with her cover of Call Me Baby and when she dances to 2PM? Hold my drink. I'm going in. If I had a ring, I'd put it on her.


Good lord I had a battle trying to decide what other VIXX boy to add up here. Between Taekwoon and Hakyeon - well, it's obvious now isn't it? This group is one of the few where my bias list is constantly shifting. And although that may be true, Hakyeon and aforementioned Wonshik stay high up. The heart that this boy has in his chest is something we can all appreciate. He takes care of his fellow members and pours his heart into the things he does. He acts, he sings, he dances. Is there much he can't do? This list is just a big ol essay of me gushing about various boys and why I love them. Lord help me.


Oh my precious ROMEO boy . . . my son. I birthed him. He is the light of my life. This diva-esque ( LOOKING AT YOU BOO ) is the lovechild of Namjoon and Seungkwan. Or, more accurately, maybe Yunsung and Namjoon are the fathers of Seungkwan. HOWEVER IT HAPPENED, I am glad it did. Yunsung has all my favorite qualities. He can sing. He can make me smile. And although he isn't a great dancer ( seriously, you should see him outside the mvs and dance practices - boy has two left feet ) or a great cake decorator, he makes up for it with his smile and charms. And let's not forget his sass. He has that by the fuckloads. When he laughs, he melts my heart. I love seeing him and all my other sons happy. They don't get nearly enough love or time in the spotlight like they deserve. Before I write a novel on him, let me stop myself here. Just appreciate him. Please. And all of ROMEO. You won't be disappointed.


I don't think you guys love the drummers enough. Honestly. This boy could use those hands on me any time he wants. *chokes again* WHAT? Like you weren’t thinking it. Anyways. Drummers, amiright? Day6, amiright? The maknae usually doesn't catch my eye but this guy in all his hardcore shyness and soft voice did. He was the first one I paid attention to aside from Jae because #ThatBoyAndHisHashtags #HowCanYouMissThem? And happily, he hasn't lost my attention since. I recently was blessed with a link to a video where this shy little boy SANG. Yeah, the drummer SANG. And I bawled like a little baby because I had been expressing my need to hear his voice more for MONTHS. I love him so much I cried when he sang. You guys, I'm doomed. And although the odds of me getting to hold his hand and tell him 사랑해요 in person in April are slim, I still keep him in my heart. His bright smile and deep voice sway me so much, I'm forever in his lane. I hope he always is happy with what he does.


He is number fifteen but he is CERTAINLY not least on my list. It was literal hell for me to not say FUCK IT and do another goddamn list. I'm playing by the rules, though. So, where do I begin with him? Bailey and I aptly nicknamed him the 'feather' of iKON because when he dances he floats. He is one of the best dancers along with Hanbin and he has great control of his body when performing. Too much control if you ask me because I get weak when I watch him too long. He doesn't have to show off to catch your attention and most of the time he's even happier with cheering on his groupmates from the back or sidelines. He is full of moral support and laughs and sunshine and I just want to wrap him up and hold him. In all honesty it took me a while to really hammer down and focus on him in videos but when I did? It was like I saw nobody but him. He has a very light but also POWERFUL voice and the parts he sings in their songs are usually my favorites. I could go on forever about him but I've spent too many hours agonizing over this card and it needs to be stopped. Please love this little feather. He has a very nice smile.
THERE WERE SO MANY BIASES THAT I COULD NOT FIT ON THIS LIST AND YOU GUYS MY HEART IS BREAKING THINKING ABOUT IT. How does one easily compile a list of fifteen biases and NOT feel shame? I love all my babies and I'm sorry I couldn't fit them all on here. I will go sit in the corner now.


Try your hand at this if you haven't already. It's late and with my time zone there are 2 hours left in the year but let's see if you can do it!

15 BIASES FOR 2015.



@MorganElisabeth you talked about the lips of an angel. lol.
@MorganElisabeth omg a card solely on his dimples. This sounds like a dream. A beautiful cloud dream. It's too much picking! I read some of these that were like, couldn't think of 15 and I'm like holy balls I'll take your empty slots and add them to mine cause GEEZUS I can't handle only 15.
@baileykayleen YOU SEE NOTHING AT ALL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I DIDN'T MENTION HIS DIMPLES EITHER EVEN THOUGH I COULD NAP IN THEM. WHAT. WHO IS JOOHEON. im literally crying because i couldn't fit him in im so aShAMED BAILEY and Chels wouldn’t let me put the J-TRINITY as one person on the list so >_>
@AimeeH I WORD VOMITTED ON EVERYTHING. DON'T LAUGH AT ME. & @KokoroNoTakara @biancadanica98 I can't wait to see your cards!! @ARMYStarlight MADTOWN stole my heart. I wanted to write them all in but there is no room for all of them and all of BTS and all of GOT7 I just????
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