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Let's get ready for the performance
GD: Let me do my face stretch first
GD: O ..E... A
Taeyang: Let me make sure the camera was right to the target
Taeyang: Camera check
Daesung: Let me get the dancers ready
Daesung: Dancer check
Seungri: Make up check
Seungri: Clothes check
TOP: Let me get the audiences warm up
TOP: Yup they are ready, warm up check
BB: Thank you for watching
BB: See you soon
BB: Bow to the audiences
BB: Seungri is not time to take ◐Selfie◑ yet
Taeyang you should check the camera angle more often so I can look at that butt😆😆
@JackieG1617 Thank you Thank you😘😘😘😘
@catchyacrayon Ah, okay. I kind of assumed that was the reason. It makes me super sad to hear this because I was just beginning to discover their music!
@Ewillsea Well technically not THE end but for now they won't be together because they will go to military training for two years each member by each year (besides GD and taeyang, they go together) and will reunite as a whole in 2021. It's like when they separated three years but MUCH longer 😢😢 IM GONNA MISS THEM SO MUCH! I've never even got to meet them in person or in their concert....
love it💖💖
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