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One of my favorite moments from BTS in 2015. (Happy New Year)
I cannot watch this without laughing. and I've watched this so many times in the last couple months. No other video has done that for me. I'm not sure if it's Kookie's language, Eomma's reaction, or the fact that this is just how they are any given day... But I'm loving it. What's one of your favorite moments of 2015? @kpopandkimchi @madandrea @thepinkprincess @mercii @rihannatiamay
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This was great! Uhm my favorite ehm probably anytime jungkook made that fuckin face he makes. I have no idea how to describe it but.... it's horrible and amazing. His eyebrows like do a thing and he puts on a cheesy grin... it's like. great.
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