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Tagged by @VKookie47 I don't do new years resolutions (if something is worth doing, why wait until January 1st?) but I do have goals for 2016, many of which are things I already have underway: 1. Get my home in order - I have never been a tidy person but I want to change that. 2. Get my life in order - Mental and emotional clutter has got to go! 3. Convince my favorite illustrator to work with me on a project and then find a publisher - This one makes me nervous but I need to stop dragging my feet. 4. Continue learning Mandarin Chinese and be able to hold at least simple conversations with ease - I would hate to disappoint the people helping me learn by not making steady progress. I will refrain from tagging anyone since I don't really know people on here yet but if you see this and you want to participate, please do!