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So this just hit me -- New Year's is in like less than 2 hours here where I live.
2016 will hit me like:
HOW CAN THIS YEAR ALREADY BE OVER?! BIGBANG had so much success this year like wow. But they deserve it more than anyone.
I'm so so SO glad I found Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby". It was a total accident but I did get to jam out to it 'cause I listened to that song on repeat ^^
I love these doofuses so much you guys do not understand.
Nawwww how cute!♡ xD Lololol
Happy New Year everyone! 2016 Big Bang fighting! I wish you joy~~♡
@dreemer13 I'm 100% with them. xD I would move too, honestly.
You are SOOOO NOT ALONE IN THAT LOVE!!! I mean, my daughters are contemplating moving to S. Korea for a while. Just so they can maybe have a chance at meeting Them even by happens chance... Be safe this year! And STAT COOL!!! #FIGHTING
I'm considering a teaching position in S. Korea and that wouldn't have happened if BIGBANG hadn't have come into my life. I feel ya!
@Helixx Luckyyyy I would go if I was older 😒