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Zombies." Kimi stated, "I'm driving over human skulls and crushing their heads in order to get to this house. That's what's going on." I didn't respond to her. "Why are there so many freaking many?!" she screams. My breath leaves me for a moment, shocked from the sound of the horn emanating from the car. "Are they agitated or something?!" she continues as she repeatedly presses the horn, "These really are some stupid motherfu—" It's these moments when I truly wish I could see. I thrash my arms to gain bearing but I quickly lose the strength. Blood rushes to my head, causing a killer headache in a few moments. I'm... upside down? Where are they? Are they... gone? I can't orient myself amidst sheer darkness. My jaw is compressed. I can't click. I can't do... anything. Pain sets in quickly as I try to listen for the others. The undead slamming against a car is one that jarred the ear. I think something–maybe teeth, maybe nails—dragged swiftly on the car glass. I don't move, I don't want to risk anything that would attract a zombie to me. I try to hold my breath and attempt to subdue the intensity of my headache. Then screaming. I hear screaming, I feel like it's Lai's but it mixes with almost out of control shouts from Kimi. "Kimi just run!" Keita's shout is garbled and I refuse to listen anymore. I close my eyes. ~Lai~ I'm screaming. I scream at the top of my lungs. Kimi was driving, surprisingly, amidst the throng of zombies in her way. She even increases her speed too. We reach a curve and I stay silent. I believed Kimi would get us there. "These are some stupid mother..." That's all I could hear from Kimi. But then the hunk of metal skids and flips over. The car flipped over. My knees are being pressed into my forehead and compress into myself upside down. My body screams in pain. It's because of the seatbelt. I forgot the damn seatbelt. My spine feels like it's about to tear into two. Then I scream. I'm disoriented. I don't what to do. I don't know if I'm alone. I scream and I thrash until the ground gives way under me. I fall through and my back grinds against concrete, instant relief releases throughout my body.. It was the car door. It gave way. I catch a glance of Juna in the car. She's suspended by a seatbelt. Her head is bleeding. I leave her in there with a pang of guilt in my stomach before it's replaced with fear. As soon I'm on feet I'm face to face with a half alive creature whose hands reach for my face and I push it as hard as I can. It falls back towards more of them, all reaching their hands towards me. I scramble up on the car helplessly, not prepared to encounter any more of them. The car creaks under I stand up slowly to look around, again feeling only a moment of guilt for Juna before I realize: we're surrounded. I look over to Kimi, who's pushing hoards of the things away from herself. I turn back to Keita, who's stabbing each zombie he sees tirelessly. I think he's going in Kimi's direction, to help her out. He's determined He breaks his concentration from them to look at me. He immediately turns away from me and makes his way towards the car. I know what he was thinking: Juna. I am literally yanked from my intense survey of Keita when another undead grabs my leg and tries to climb up onto the car. A burst of adrenaline immediately courses through my body and regret sets in just as fast. In a knee-jerk reaction, I launch my foot shaking the zombie off but at the same time leaping off the other end of the car. A lifetime seems to pass as I prepare for the inevitable to happen. I wonder if Keita can see this one... I look to my side. I see a hoard of zombies on the ground, waiting eagerly for me to fall. I want to scream yet shock takes all the breath from me. My foot lands first on the ground, but my ankle twists awkwardly in the opposite direction. The feeling of fresh pain unlocks my lungs as I let out a piercing scream and collapse to ground. I try to bring myself up to the ground and the pressure onto my ankle cripples me and I fall onto my back. I remember Glenn almost dying like this in the Walking Dead. Zombies hoarded around you. You can't breathe because the smell of corpse is just that awful. Fear restricts your movements. But I want to be Glenn. I try to writhe my way out from danger just as Glenn did and then I stop. The thought hit me: That was just a TV show. This is real. This is actually happening. And there's nothing that can stop me from dying. I don't try to block the zombies as I let the inevitable happen. It reaches for my face and I stare at it in its eyes. They're grey and glassy, much like Juna's. I don't feel the guilt in my stomach anymore as I think of her because now I know: Keita cares about her even better than me. That's when I see him face to face. I know he shouts go to me but I don't hear it. I see the clearing behind him and leap for him. I get on my knees and dash out of there, leaving him to get Juna. I climb over rows of dead bodies, that stain my knees and stain my hands, but I keep going. I want to leave this road as soon as possible. I look up and see Kimi, now running to the woods at the edge of the road. "KIMI!" Fortunately, my voices reaches her ears as she turns around. I instinctively hold out my hand, a plea for help as she sprints towards me and lifts me up. I start to limp in the other direction but Kimi holds me tight, facing the car. I know she's looking out for Keita. "Kei—" "Kimi just run!" Keita shouts. We both obey the command and limp out to the edge of the road. •••• I remove the tear from my eye and swirl it around the freshly discovered cuts on my cheek. We stayed in the woods for a while but we've slowly weaved our way back to the road, still on the path to my house. I turn to look at Lai, who is still fear-stricken from flipping the car over but still manages to look back at Keita and Juna with contempt. I hate to admit it, but I feel somewhat the same as her. I can't look at them again. It'd only make me feel more hatred for her. Keita's been carrying Juna on his back long after we abandoned the car and made a run for it. But I wasn't the one who was left in the car? Shouldn't Juna be angry at me? I feel remorse for ever feeling that way about my own sister. But then I glance back at them. All the remorse instantly went away. "it's the next right guys!" Juna calls out. I instantly look up to the street sign that would lead to my sanctuary....home. I sigh in relief, limping has been a hassle on my right leg. I wouldn't mind being carried either. "You never told me how that happened anyways," Kimi asked. "Oh... Well... I kinda fell while... trying to get away from the zombies." She stopped walking and paused. She bursted out laughing before she looked back at me. I smiled awkwardly to try to alleviate the mood of the situation. Even though I was in pain. I was in a lot of pain. "Do you want to hold onto me?' she said, equally worried as she was amused. I contentedly nodded at her, too exhausted to waste the breathe. When we turned the cornered, I immediately picked up the limping place. The house was less than a block away. Sanctuary was less than a block away. "Hey, Lai!" Hearing Keita's voice, I instantly stopped up and rebuked myself just as fast for being so eager. "Yeah?" I asked nonchalantly as I turned, trying to ignore Kimi's minuscule yet apparent laughter as she watched me from behind. "I don't want you and Juna to go in there alone but it's your call. What do you want us to do?" I flushed, not knowing what to do. He just spoke to me. Wow. Isn't this the longest time he's spoken to me...? I looked over at Juna, who was now off of Keita's back and I very relieved at the sight. but it still kept me from formulating a sentence "Uh... We—" "You guys should come. I mean I would want Keita to be able to have our back right Lai? Kimi too." I tried to ignore the face of disgust that Kimi shot at Juna from behind. I weakly shone myself a smile, more for Keita's sake than my own. I couldn't bring myself to hate my own sister. But if Kimi was right about Juna and Keita being... close, that couldn't change anything, right. I know it can't change anything. "All right, then let's get in there." I said as sarcastically as I could manage. "I would want Keita to be able to have our back..." Kimi whispered, "always has to be the innocent one." I didn't want to respond to Kimi as she craned her neck behind us. Following her eyes, I saw Keita... with Juna right next to him. Smiling. Talking. It's make sense to be slower if you're carrying someone, but this is a conscious effort to stay behind us. I clenched my fist tightly. "Hey Juna!" I blurted subconsciously, seemingly pleased when she jerked her head up, following the sound of my voice. Increasing the distance between herself and Keita. "Yeah?" "You got the keys to the house? I don't think I left mines in there." "Silly Lai.." she playfully tsked at me as she passed me and Kimi, who was still giving her the evil eye. She reached the door and scoffed as she twisted the handle, the door giving way with ease. "The door was open Lai! You didn't lock it, remember?" "Oops." Kimi nudged me in the side, "Nice one." I smiled at her mischievously. I looked up at Juna, and immediately regretted the smile. The house was lifeless as we all entered inside. And I had never been so glad that it was so silent. We gathered around the living room meant for Juna's and my parents bonding time. I slowly grimaced as I flopped into my usual single chair, finally letting my leg rest. Keita and Juna flopped onto the sofa while Kimi laid on the arm rest right next to him. If there was anything like a fourth wheel, I definitely felt like one right now. I reached down in and massaged my ankle groaning in pain as the injury felt just as as bad as when I first fell. "Are you okay?" Juna asked. "Well you could come over and find out." I snapped. Irritation was growing inside me by the second. I can't get Keita, I can't fight, I can't even walk right now, dangit. Juna thought about the statement for a little while before she decided to push herself of the couch to come towards. Her presence trying to figure how and why I was so freaking angry was the last thing I wanted to be around. "Alright, well you guys can stay here. I'm pretty sure I'll be in and out." I shrugged as leaned on the couch to steady myself up. "You don't need help, Lai?" Keita asked, notioning at my leg. "I'm fine." I sighed, "I don't want any help, I'm just getting a gun. If I can do anything, I can do this. Just... let me go." "Of course I'm coming too right?" Juna said. I don't want you to. "Sure, Juna, course you're coming." She gladly walked towards me wrapping her arm around mines as we headed up the stairs. I didn't fight the smile that came to my face as we both went around the stairs. "Im glad we came back here." Juna started, "I don't feel too Juna-licious with the short shorts and tucked in dress. Or really long shirt. Whatever it is." she laughed. "And why would you need to feel Juna-licious?" I snapped back at her. "Huh, w—" "Nothing, nothing." I muttered as I held onto the rail tightly, trying to guide my way up the stairs. "Lai, are you... leaning onto the rail?" I scoffed, getting increasingly angry at the barrage of questions, "No Juna, can we just get up these freaking steps in peace." "I was clicking Lai, I obviously see you holding onto the rail. You're limping! Why did you lie to me?" she brought her voice down to a hushed whisper, "Is it something about those two?" "It—" Before I could even start my retort, I could hear that faint thumping sound of Juna's clicking. So now she doesn't trust me? "You know what Juna?! Why don't you bother Keita with these questions?" I said sneering at her while matching her whispered tone, "You seem to like talking to him a lot more than anyone else." She stopped in her tracks, "Wait, wha—" "Whatever Juna, just leave me the hell alone and let me get this gun..." I forcefully released her arm and stormed up the last few steps as fast as I could manage. "But wait! Lai I hear some—" I swung the door open. There was someone there. Two someones. With guns. I knew I had been depressed, I knew I felt worthless at times. I knew that I even wanted those zombies to kill me when the car flipped over. But it was in that instant I realized... I am not suicidal. 'Cause I sure didn't want to die right now. "KEITA!!" ~Keita~ I waited with Kimi as Juna and Lai walked up the stairs. I figured they wouldn't want us in their room. I looked around at the living room we were waiting in. It was pretty big compared to Kimi's and my house. The red curtains really brought out the creme color of the couches. I looked down seeing star play with the string of my hood. She'd swat at it a few times before finally catching it, and then trying to eat it. Is she hungry again? I was so busy looking around at things i didn't even notice how quiet Kimi was being until she finally spoke. "That was pretty crazy wasn't it?" she asked sitting next to me on the couch and I nodded. I didn't really want to think about that. The way their bodies sounded when the car wheels rolled over them. I don't know which is scarier. The fact that they're trying to murder us, or the fact that we have to be ok with murdering other people to stay alive. We have to be ok with seeing those kind of things. "Sorry." she said playing with one of her longer strands of hair. I raised my eyebrow at her. She's been acting really weird lately. She just doesn't really seem like...Kimi. "Hey, cheer up. " i said punching her in the arm. "We've been in worst situations right?" Kimi smiled and then softly laughed before punching me back. "Keita, I think out of all the things we've been through. This pretty much takes the cake." I rubbed stars head as i could feel myself trailing of. "Nah, there was that time you tried to cast a fishing line and ended up catching yourself." I laughed remembering the day we had went fishing for Kimis. " Shut up! do you know how hard that was to get out of my hair, and you weren't any help because you were too busy laughing at me!" " I helped you after I stopped." "You never stopped! You'd just take pauses in between doing unnecessary things. Like breathing." she glared. "Last I checked I needed to breathe." "Well I also needed the hook out of my hair!" she yelled annoyed. "What about that time we found a baby bird and you kept feeding it pine cones and you'd swear up and down that that's what baby birds eat!" "She ate it." "and die-" she started and began quiet again looking away. "Hey, kimi..." i said about to grab her shoulder. "we're just like that bird." I stopped my hand mid grasp. "what?" "we're just like that bird.... doing everything we can to survive. Doing things we don't usually do. All for the hopes of living." She glared a bit her fist clenching on her legs. "But we won't! We won't live! We're all going to d-" I pulled her towards me, hugging her. She held onto me tight her hands gripping my jacket. Kimi doesn't cry very often. I've only possibly seen her cry 3 times in the whole 10 years of us being friends, but i felt something wet leak onto my shirt. This is why no matter how scared I am. I don't want to show it. I don't want them to know how i really feel. So ill lie. I'll lie until I start to believe the lies myself. I'm not afraid. I am Keita Kazuka, strongest man alive. "I-" "Don't say it." I said as she gulped stuffing her feelings back down. "Don't give up on me yet, Kimi." She lifted her head up and nodded back at me. I smiled at her wiping the tear from her eye. "Remember what our Karate teacher use to tell us? He'd say, the only people who lose their chances of winning, are the ones who stop fighting. So keep kicking ass ok?" I looked down at my lap. Star wasn't there. "Hey Kimi, did you see Star run off? She's not here." "What? No I-" "Keita!" I heard Lai scream from upstairs. "Stay here!" I yelled back at Kimi as I called for Lai, getting up and running up the stairs. I flew up the stairs taking them three at a time. Is it a zombie? Is she hurt? My mind was starting to run through terrible thoughts as I noticed two guys one was holding a gun. I sighed cracking my knuckles. "Oh, it's just people." I breathed out. Wait Keita. Lets try something here... "Is he blind too?" the guy with black hair said motioning to the guy's gun like it was on display. " He has a gun." "So?" "tsk, so? What do you have a death wish or something?" "Listen Maniac, we don't want any trouble. I just want to get out of here." So they're in a hurry? Maybe they need help."Oh yeah? and where you going?" "That's not your buisness." I raised my eyebrow at them. "Oh so you can point your shitty gun at my friends, but if i ask you why you're in such a rush all of a sudden I'm the bad guy." The guy gritted his teeth."1. My gun is not shitty you ass wipe. 2. It's not you're fucking business where i go. 3. Move out of my fucking way before I show you what my gun is really made of." "Mmm hmm mmm hmmm. no I hear you man. I totally care, all your complaints and suggestions have been sent to be evaluated." I said as i was stepping toward him. "Hey back the fuck up! I'm not playing with you! This isn't a game." "Keita stop!" Lai yelled behind me. " You can't trust them! Please don't! Get away from them!" "God, we're not animals dammit. We just want to leave." The black haired guy said rolling his eyes. "You don't need a gun to get through." I said looking back at the gun man. "Obviously, we need more than that, because you won't move out of the fucking way." The gun man said. "Well why didn't you guys just leave instead of playing wave the gun around." Juna said. This isn't working! We just keep arguing. The way this guy was standing it reminded me of a deer's. Skittish, anxious, but mostly...scared. The way he was holding his gun from the way he was glaring at me just told me that he didn't want to be here. He didn't want to be doing this. I stepped forward. "Listen-" There were couple banging noises before star fell from the sky landing on top of the gun man's hand and making him fall to the ground." "Fucking get off of me!" He yelled and I pulled Star off who was hissing and swatting trying to attack him more. "Star, shush, cut it out now." That's when Kimi came through the door. "Keita, I heard a loud noise and..are you-" "How many people live here?" The black haired guy said. I looked down at the guy Star had just attacked. "Sorry about that." I said putting Star back in my hood and holding my hand out. "Here." "Th-thanks." He mutterd. He looked back at his brother and started laughing hysterically "Watch out for loose pussy, Sami!" "Sami?" "Samil." He corrected. "Samil, where are you guys headed?" "I told you its-" "We're going to Our sister's elementary school. It's called umm..." Samil sighed. "It's called Shindai Elementary." "I know that school. I went there." Kimi said walking over to us. "Small world." The guy with black hair said. "I don't want to drag you guys in this." Samil said looking at all of us. "I'm not being dragged if I go because I want to." "Come on Jay, you know what? I dont care. You Idiots die if you want to. "Samil said rubbing his head and walking out the door, heading down the stairs. "So you're name is Jay huh?" Juna said noticing his footsteps havent left. Star calmed down enough so I could put her back in my hood. " It's cool." "Woah! You're eyes.... those are sick!" Jay said smiling down at her. "I've heard, thanks." she said grinning big. "So about this elementary school." I coughed trying to get their attention. "Ah yeah the school." Jay said turning back to me? "Why do you want to go so bad anyways? Is your girlfriend a teacher or something?" I chuckled, this guy..." No, I have my reasons." "Hey that's not fair. Keeping secrets." I smirked back at him. "See how it feels? Now let's go." Authors note: I know I'm overdue with the deadline! But I hope you enjoy!
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