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15 (actually 10) biases of 2015

1) Jin. Jin Jin Jin. Yes. first time I seen Dope he was my bias. He just seemed very gentile and so sweet....and he is
2) Zelo. ultimate B.A.P bias. Too cute, and not to mention I love how tall he is. And he is an amazing dancer.
3) Kookie. because you can't help but love him <3
4 ) Jimin cause hot damn those abs. And he is just all around sexy.
5) Rap Monster. He is so great as a leader, an amazing rapper and just all around awesome.
6)V. this adorable dork right here.
7)JHope. Definitely a goof and so funny all the time.
8) Jackson. He is just something else. love him
9)Mark. love him. especially with Jackson lol
10)Shownu. He is soooo close to being my ULTIMATE bias over everyone.
annnnd here is will I will stop cause I'm almost out of time. thanks for the tag @parktaemin and @TiffanyBibian
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