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BTS Would You Rather Challenge Days 2, 3, and 4 😃

So I am a little behind on the days so I will do most of them at once!!! XD
Day 2 - I would honestly probably touch Jimin's abs....just to feel it once...
Day 3 - I would fight Suga. Mainly because he would get tired and I would not want to fight my Jungkookie!!
Day 4 - I would tell Jin he isn't boring as I am pretty sure Jimin gets told he is handsome all the time anyways lol XD So I will definitely try to do the 5th day tomorrow!!! Thanks guys for waiting!!! Tagging some peeps: @BAbrajan1 @edwey66 @monicacerroblan @kfeind7 @TesneemElAlami @frisky199123 @SusiBosshammer @sosoaloraine23 @taylorthetwist @torchix @AnnieGoodman @AikoPalman @yeniyx23 @GDsGF @MadAndrea @EmilyGardner @TiffanyBibian
@TiffanyBibian Lol yeah... I almost forgot to do it lol 😅
@Lexxcisco It fine i almost forgot about this so 😂
I wonder where you can rent or buy a jimin's abs washboard lol haha idk anyhoo your fine im a slacker
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