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so this was really hard lol and all of bts are on this list because im an ARMY at heart lol....
My ultimate bias is Jimin, god I love him. I decided that he was my ultimate bias when everything that he did made me smile and basically die. Whenever I watch a kpop video of BTS or a Bangtan Bomb that includes him, I die about 10 times maybe. He is just a ball of energy and he is just so cute! One of my favorite videos of him is when he says, "excuse me!!"
2. P.O from Block B. Ok...this man was my ultimate bias from the beginning of my Kpop life....but then Jimin walked over and pushed P.O down to second place. I will always forever love Pyo Jihoon! He is so cute and because he reminds me of a monkey...I call him my little monkey! lol. He is so cute!
3. Taehyung or V!!! God this little boy is such a bias wrecker. He is crazy and such a little alien. IDK how someone can be so weird and attractive at the same time? I really love this little guy! There isnt really alot I can say that I havent already expressed in other cards, but damn. He is so hot and poor little ovaries.
4. Jhope My little Hobi is so freaking cute...god! He is just always smiling and seems so energetic! Its so cute when he gets scared and worried about silly things. I also think its so cute when he chases Jimin around god I love it. He is such a big ball of sunshine and him being crazy really makes me happy and it cheers me up quite a bit.
5. Jungkook What's not to love about the Golden Maknae? In my eyes, he truly is golden. He can dance, he can sing, and he can rap a little. He is so cute and just makes me smile so much whenever he does...basically anything!
And thats a random meme of Kyungsoo....*hint* at the next card. Im sorry...I used alot of the same GIFs as I did in other cards of mine....I also decided to turn this into a three day Im sure plenty others who are doing this challenge are doing the same.